The Men in Black: International arrives the theaters 7 years after its predecessor, this time, the Sony Pictures film will not have the series main stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Agent J and Agent K, respectively. Emma Thompson, already known in the franchise, will return as Agent O.

Although not bringing anything difference in its script, and with a linear and well-defined narrative, the new MIB will show Molly’s story, played by Tessa Thompson, as she becomes an agent of the organization and exploring its division in London. With a more discreet presence in the quantity of aliens, we can see some already known alien species, such as the aliens who love coffee and smoking, however, their appearance is just mere seconds on the screen.

Chris Hemsworth, as Agent H, shares the main role, serving as a support for Agent M. The pair works just fine and gives the feeling of companionship that has existed since the previous films, but as a different sex pair, a supposed romantic interest is present, that sounds forced because it is not necessary for the history development.

The Man in Black: International | Image: Sony Pictures

The comedy element is still present, but nothing that can surprise the general public, falling into lukewarm jokes that does not make the audience laugh. Some moments are iconic like the appearance of Sérgio Mallandro, Brazilian entertainer and comedian.

The director F. Gary Gray has managed to make a movie for all ages, which guarantees a good fun, the two hours of screening goes fast and without getting that boring.

Even without great innovations, the new MIB doesn’t disappoint and uses the well-known blockbuster’s formula, without great emotions or surprises in the plot, it isn’t a bad, but also does not bring great excitement to the viewer, with a predictable end to the ones who accompanies movies or series.


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