In September Mornings, which debuts in Amazon Prime Video, Cassandra (Liniker) is a trans woman who had to leave her hometown to go in search of her dream of singing, but everything changes when her ex-girlfriend Leide (Karine Teles) reappears revealing the existence of a child.

The series is another Brazilian production working with the theme of prejudice in all senses and raises this level by showing a trans woman as a worker, with a house, even if it is not the best and having to pay her bills like anyone else. .

This shouldn't be a challenge for any work, but when the topic is trans people, it seems that the rule is to make them people who sell their bodies for money, without education, without any kind of dreams and ambitions. Except to live for clichéd dialogues where two people talk and talk about what they wanted, only to be forgotten by something bad that will happen.

not that September Mornings do not have life problems, on the contrary. Cassandra is starting her artistic life, where she needs during the day to lead a life as a motogirl and still deal with the prejudice of being trans and black. All this with the well-defined scenario of a dirty São Paulo, full of cement, claustrophobic, with people who sleep on the street and sell crumbs in the lighthouses to have something to eat.

Unlike other works that prefer to show communities, September Mornings goes in search of the old city center, mainly in the areas of Parque Dom Pedro, Avenida do Estado, Baixada do Glicério, among other points that are rarely seen in other series or films.

The poor landscape of the city, with its problems, serves as a background to everything that happens in the life of Cassandra, who ends up discovering that she has a 10-year-old son, who like every child wants to know who his father is.

One of the positive points of the series is how its script manages to treat the characteristics of its characters in a natural way, without abusing mannerisms and that the skin factor is predominant so that it is the main reason for conflict within its plot.

Crítica | Manhãs de Setembro- 1ª Temporada 1
September mornings/ Amazon Prime

Thus, September Mornings erases once and for all stereotypes such as the homosexual who should be the joke of the day or the tragic, “Oh de cor” who needs to be at all times a person full of hate, among so many arguments that should never have existed. And all of this was always an excuse to deal with social and even family conflicts, which now give way to the person himself, enhancing the individual aspects of each being.

Of course all the criticism is there, to be seen and heard. Cassandra who wants her freedom and had problems when she was abandoned, but now has a "problem" with a son who appeared out of nowhere with his mother, Leide. life with your boyfriend Ivaldo, interpreted by Thomas Aquino and all the others that will arrive in your life in a way that without a doubt the spectator will feel in the character's skin.

Your son Gersinho (Gustavo Coelho) is an interesting point, because like every child, he doesn't care and doesn't even see his father as a woman. He's just the person you love and admire, period.

Crítica | Manhãs de Setembro- 1ª Temporada 2
September mornings/ Amazon Prime

What makes this five-episode series even better is that by not focusing on LGBTQI+, it enhances characters and stories that must be told, with people with different types of feelings.

This is a production more than interesting to be watched in time of series that abuse sensational clichés to tell nonsense stories, with bad and reprehensible jokes about gays, trans, poor, among others. And this all to the sound of the music of Vanuza, Manhãs de Setembro, which gives the series its name and that like all of us, we love the story, but we forget that other people also live the same problems as us.


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