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Mission: Impossible - Fallout Effect

Still the most consistent franchise today!

It's crazy to think that the franchise Mission Impossible has nothing more than 22 years and six films, the first being released in 1996, directed by the legendary Brian De Palma and starring Tom Cruise, who at that time was already a big star who needed a franchise. One of the greatest charms of the franchises was the constant changes of directors that brought something new to each film. If the first is directed by De Palma, the second is by John Woo, the third by JJ Abrams, the fourth by Brad Bird and the fifth by Christopher McQuarrie. Each of them brought something new and its signature, which is what makes the franchise very cohesive in terms of quality. When it was announced that McQuarrie would return for the next film, there was some fear that the tradition of changing the director would break. But I'm happy to say that you can be carefree, because Mission: Impossible - Fallout Effect (Mission: Impossible - Fallout) manages to show that this franchise still has gas, even though it is inferior to its predecessors.

After an unsuccessful negotiation, the agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise) needs to find three plutonium warheads, which fell into the hands of a terrorist group known as The Apostles, made up of the rest of the former group led by Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), the Union. For this, Hunt will need the help of his team formed by Benji (Simon Pegg) and Luther (Ving Rhames), in addition to the novice Walker (Henry Cavill). In addition to the short time he has to find the warheads, Hunt discovers that the mysterious Illsa Faust (Rebecca Fergusson) is involved in some way with its mission.

Crítica: Missão Impossível- Efeito Fallout 1
Mission: Impossible- Fallout Effect | Image: Paramount

The script continues to be signed by McQuarrie and shows itself to be the Achilles' heel, as it is a plot that fails to cause empathy. As much as there is a cohesion of the events and the inputs of the characters, the viewer cannot create any identification with the story, because it is more intelligent than it thinks it is, it has characters in excesses and scenes unnecessary for the plot.

In spite of this, McQuarrie's talent for directing must be recognized for making a film that the viewer has been stuck from the beginning, due to the care of driving in action. As Secret Nation, the director knows where to place the scenes and how to do them without the audience being anesthetized by the action. In fact, it must be said that they are risky and daring sequences of action, which impress not only by the quality of the execution, but also how the director manages to create tension, from situations that do not sound forced. And the sequences are done in parallel montage - when the scene shows two or more events occurring at the same time - and the viewer is not lost during the action and is also tense. This is not only due to McQuarrie's talent for directing, but also the great work of editor Eddie Hamilton, who also shows exceptional pace control, since it is a 147-minute film that does not tire.

The look is also different from the previous film, as it comes out Robert Elswitt in the photograph and enter Rob Taylor, with a different style. If Elswitt who had photographed the two had a drier style and with more flat colors, Taylor uses more camera in his hand and much more saturated lights - when they become stronger -, which even recreate a very interesting noir climate, despite these lights bother you at times.

The cast continues to have excellent chemistry. The veterans of the franchise continue to do very well, showing how comfortable they are in their roles, especially Simon Pegg, who shows himself with more restrained humor than in other films. Sean Harris's return as Lane is also very welcome, because the cavernous voice and his cold gaze, leave him with the threatening air at all times. The big news is due to Henry Cavill, which proves to be a good surprise, because in addition to the imposing physical presence of the actor, the film knows how to use its canastrice and works very well.

Crítica: Missão Impossível- Efeito Fallout 2
Mission: Impossible- Fallout Effect | Image: Paramount

Then we came to Tom Cruise, who, even at the age of 56, shows that he is still safe making these films. In addition to physical delivery - we really see the actor in action and that counts a lot - he has always been a very charismatic actor, who knows how to make the audience tense with a quick expression, that he really wonders if he will be able to complete the mission. And he once again carries the film on his back.

Anyway, Mission: Impossible - Fallout Effect not the best in the franchise due to the coldness in the plot, but it is a great popcorn with excellent action scenes. If possible, check out IMAX for the experience.

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout effect manages to show that this franchise still has gas, even though it is inferior to its predecessors.


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