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Review | Mortal Kombat 2021 (No Spoilers)

It may not be the most anticipated adaptation of all time, but certainly for fans of fighting games and especially Mortal Kombat, be a little more than that.

Every fan expects their favorite game franchise to one day become a movie or series, and especially with quality. And going back to Mortal Kombat, did he really do everything he promised during his pre-release period with images, marketing and scenes being released?

The film

One thing the adaptation has certainly achieved: being faithful in most of the main points of the universe of Mortal Kombat. The characters that both fans have learned to love are there and Cole Young ends up developing a correct and credible function within the presented story. After all, Johnny Cage there is no need, as well as other characters that fans would like to see in this first feature.

According to the film's screenwriter, Mortal Kombat it was meant to be a trilogy and even have a fourth film. Therefore, we will certainly have the arrival of the other characters.
The central idea of the adaptation was based on the basic content of the series and what is explained about what is the Mortal Kombat, but in reality this film does not have Mortal Kombat. It only introduces Earth's heroes and their enemies controlled by Shang Tsung. Liu Kang he is still just a young fighter in search of the true Warrior within him. Just like each of the others who are in search of what Mortal Kombat is.

There is even an interesting story and background, but nothing too profound. You can't empathize with any of them. Just having fun and getting references from the game, which in case you have never played anything, or one story and another, will not make any difference. The film manages to be independent of the structure presented during more than a decade of struggles.


Yes. Mortal Kombat it manages to be superior to that presented in 1995 and even of its sequences, webseries and animations. It is a story of introduction to Mortal Kombat, with the birth of Scorpion and your fight against Sub-Zero. Cole Young's story (being who he is) doesn't get in the way of anything and it won't change the canon of games either. So whether you love it or hate it, it won't make any difference.

It serves as a presentation to the plot, with Cole being the viewer who is discovering the whole Mortal Kombat. So, understand this when checking out the movie. It would be different if the character in place was Liu Kang, Johnny Cage or anyone else. The story would be different and the same sameness as always.

Therefore, the adaptation of Mortal Kombat it is good, it has well-known and well-represented characters and mainly all the sexuality of the female characters was forgotten and the focus was on the creation of the characters, who may not yet be the best, but if well worked for their sequence, they can become together of the film, in the best game adaptation ever made, or become a new resident Evil.

Thunder Wave note
Mortal Kombat is a good adaptation, being his first film just an introduction of the characters and the universe of games.


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