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Review | My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising


There is a lot to love in the universe of My Hero Academia. Its history, the characters and everything that appears again. And in this newest feature My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, manages to inject an exciting and compelling side story from the anime. The film is simpler than the previous ones, but it managed to grow and be better than its predecessor.

The Heroes Rising story shows UA students going on an island activity to help local people, but a group of villains are helping Nine, the new villain to steal the powers of the people of the island.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Nine
My Hero Academia Heroes Rising, Nine. Image: Sony

Although the focus of the adventure is on Deku and Bakugo, Heroes Rising gives all Class 1-A a chance to shine in this new feature. It is a welcome change in pace, as the anime has so far focused on just showing part of the class at a time. Heroes Rising provides the first vision of Class 1-A working as a team since their walk during the Forest Training Camp, showing how the group grew as heroes and also giving greater support to the central theme of the film, that is, that altruism is stronger than selfishness.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya
My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya. Image: Sony

This is obvious during the plot showing how friends are willing to sacrifice for each other and that they can perform tasks that they previously could not do alone. Therefore, altruism will be the key to this plot. Heroes' altruism versus Nine's selfishness. Even though it seems logical that everyone should believe in the positive point of the heroes, the villain is well built, especially when showing that the goals can be achieved by stealing 'selfishly' the peculiarities of one of the island's inhabitants.

But before the arrival of this moment, Heroes Rising presents a hell for all the characters, as it could not fail to be for the arrival in their final battle. As in so many other animes of the genre, the soundtrack helps in this whole context and is an integral part of the narrative, being filled with an explosive color of the animation and the smooth growth of the music “Might + U" in Makayla Phillips, which ends up creating a beautiful final moment for one of the most impressive fights My Hero Academia has ever brought.

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Mahoro and Katsuma
My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Mahoro and Katsuma. Image: Sony

To check My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising it is not necessary to have as much knowledge about the anime, as it is self explanatory at the beginning of the story at the beginning. Even though the plot is more focused on the action, this new adventure will undoubtedly amuse all fans of the universe and bring some more to the Academy.

Written byNatan Uemura


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