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Criticism | Never Have I Ever - Season 1

Series mixes comedy, drama and romance has a hint of boldness and surprises from beginning to end

Recently available in the Netflix, the series Never Have I Ever, known in Brazil as I never…, is a funny production that addresses the personal experiences of an Indian teenager who lives in the United States with her mother and has to deal with the trauma of her father's death, as well as paralysis, apparently caused by her stress with the loss.

At first, the plot seems very still and superficial focusing on clichés like rivalries between classmates, sexuality, rebellion, gossip and lies. Despite this, it brings a bit of Indian culture, beliefs and customs. And in the course of the plot, she manages to catch the momentum that was missing at the beginning and makes us want more.

The plot accompanies Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), descendant of Indians. She feels that she doesn't fit into any group at her school and feels strange about her family's organization. After the death of his father, who suffered a heart attack, things got more serious. Coming out of the initial scare, she decides that she wants "a life" from now on different, she wants to stop being a virgin. In fact, that's all she thinks. And from there things start to get interesting. 

The trio consists of Devi, Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) and Eleanor (Ramona Young). Fabiola, for example, is a tech genius and wonders about her sexuality and doesn't quite know how to deal with it. Eleanor, on the other hand, has the dream of being an actress and has talent for the theater and intends to follow in the footsteps of her mother who is a performer. Ben (Jaren Lewison), is Devi's rival colleague and together they compete at all times, however behind the reputation of rich boy, young Ben is sad and lonely. Finally, we have the boy from Devi's dreams. We are talking about the young athlete, beautiful and sometimes clueless, the Paxton (Darren Barnet), which seems unattainable, but between some lies told by Devi, they end up building a relationship.

Leaving the school environment, we are introduced to Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan), who is Devi's mother and Kamala's aunt, and a doctor and a strict mother, but behind a tough way, she is sorry for the loss of her husband. Devi's cousin, Kamala (Richa Moorjani), who is beautiful, intelligent and went to the USA to study and how the other characters have their own struggle. Dr. Ryan (Niecy Nash), who is Devi's therapist, an intelligent woman and in many episodes gives the impression of balance in the series. There are hilarious moments with the history teacher Mr. Shapiro (Adam Shapiro), who tries to inspire her students, but does it in a peculiar way and full of wrong jokes, and with the principal Grubbs (Cocoa Brown), which deals with teenage dramas with a lot of sarcasm and impatience.

In the course of the plot, Devi shows that she is lost within herself and does not always know what she wants for sure. Due to her loss, the death of her father, the protagonist makes a mistake, fights with her best friends without intention, does not know how to deal with her emotions and her platonic passion for Paxton. Thus, he ends up getting involved in numerous problems. However, all this conflict that the young woman faces, is to escape her real problems. And in the search for this self-discovery, the plot unfolds other stories like that of Fabiola, who manages to find herself in the series, coming out as a lesbian and recognizes that she has more support than she really thought she would have and has help from her great friend Eleanor and others students who are from the LGBT group, she manages to be who she really wants to be. 

Eleanor, on the other hand, has a great disappointment with her mother and this ends up making the cheerful character stop wanting to be colorful and starts to face a gray journey, which ends up being reunited at the end of the series. Kamala, portrayed as the perfect woman hides a secret that she initially believed was safe, but was not. And what she feared so much, the arranged marriage - a custom of Indian culture - becomes something surprising. And Nalini makes two big decisions that will be the watershed in the final stretch of the season.

The series is inspired by the text and the personal experiences of Mindy Kaling, a successful Hollywood name and known for her work in The Office, A Fold in Time (2018) and Eight Women and a Secret (2018). With co-creation of Lang Fisher, famous for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mindy Project (starring Kaling), the series wins very interesting discussions that are very current such as sexual orientation, the price of luxury is the absence of true love and other issues that are addressed with subtlety, humor and that ends up bringing an identification of the viewer.

Over 10 episodes lasting an average of 30 minutes, the newest Netflix production bet on a differential. All episodes are narrated and have the participation of the tennis player John McEnroe and Andy Samberg, Jake Peralta of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The script is well written and has parallel plots and the visual aids are a separate attribute, abusing many flashbacks that end up confusing Devi's head and emotions even more, the characters have a good interaction and are captivating. Finally, a good soundtrack was needed, but what was delivered is enough to deliver a funny and well-developed story.

Thunder Wave note
It is a challenge to tackle many themes in 10 episodes and still deliver a fun and inspiring production. The series achieves this feat.


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