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Review | Night Sky – Season 1


Fantasy and sci-fi have been going hand in hand for some time now and as an interesting mix, many streaming platforms have a variable menu for the genre in question. The new release of the moment is night sky which has eight episodes ranging from 55 min to 65 min in length. However, at the end of the first season, which has a premiere date scheduled for May 20, the taste she left was not the best. A pity, since it had everything to go right.

The series deals with the appearance of a portal on the property of a couple who travel to another place by a kind of camera, as if they were small space trips and the image is really very beautiful, but strange situations start to happen and the way the script was tied together and stitched together with the poorly developed subplots left the series confused. 

JK Simmons and Sissi Spacek work together on Night Sky / Play Amazon Prime Video

We have two actors of weight and talent, Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons, who play the couple who hide their galactic visits. They're talented and work well together, but they can't sustain the series on their own. The plot proves to be complicated and simple at the same time. It is public knowledge that both are going through a difficult time, they have been grieving for some time now and the fact that they have a fantastic device that makes them escape their sad and stuck reality has another meaning.

Spacek and Simmons are two actors who demonstrate through their performances the melancholy of their characters. We feel your sadness and your growing withdrawal from the world around you. In this, Spacek, we see her as a fragile woman, who is always trembling, but who shows herself to be a strong and wise woman. Simmons' character also has interesting moments.

JK Simmons and Sissi Spacek work together on Night Sky / Play Amazon Prime Video

However, one of the problems of the plot is its duration. Quantity is not synonymous with quality and the fact that they produce a work that drags on for eight episodes - eight hours of series - is a shot in the foot. The series does not find new possibilities on which the couple can rely and the production tends to operate on other fronts, placing the travel device in other places without showing how, in fact, it works, what the objective is... in short, a complete confusion.

In Night Sky, the plot shows that anything is possible and ends up becoming a product without depth and the fact that it does not create a connection with an audience that expects to see a story about this real couple, makes the series not gain the notoriety it expects. The photography is well done, the soundtrack could have been bolder, the actors aren't bad, but the backbone is compromised. What remains is good luck for the second season.



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