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Start Series Reviews Criticism | Nobody's Watching: New Brazilian Netflix Series

Criticism | Nobody's Watching: New Brazilian Netflix Series

In 2019 the Netflix gave a greater focus to his original Brazilian productions. Over these eleven months we have already had several premieres, for example Tuning, Brotherhood, Most Beautiful Thing, among others. The new and last bet of the year is the series Nobody is looking.

The series tells the story of the 'Angelus', a kind of guardian angel with a mission to protect humans. The main character is Uli (Victor Lamoglia), a newly created angelus, who from the beginning questions his existence and the rules that are informed to him as soon as he comes into the world. Uli is an angel full of personality and who needs to learn how to protect humans, so he is supervised by the angelus Greta (Julia Rabello) and Chun (Danilo de Moura), who throughout the episodes join Uli and decide to rebel against the system. The trio is one of the highlights of the series, the harmony between the actors is incredible, they help to give rhythm to the story and make you become attached to the characters. The only moment when the plot becomes boring is precisely when the trio separates, as each wants to live their own adventure - Greta decides to explore her taste and also try illicit drugs, Uli falls in love with Mirian (Kéfera Buchmann), a human full of personality and Chun is in the dilemma of following the rules or indulging her carnal desires. 

Ninguém Tá Olhando | Imagem: Netflix
Chun (Danilo de Moura), Uli (Victor Lamoglia) and Greta (Júlia Rabello) | Image: Netflix

No one is looking uses acid humor to tell your story from start to finish, if you like the comedy genre seen in The Good Place, so chances are you'll like the way this new Netflix production develops. 

Another highlight of the series is the excellent interpretations of actor Victor Lamoglia and actress Júlia Rabello, both of whom manage to bring their characters to life in an exceptional way, making a fine line between the humor and the drama they live.

Created and directed by Daniel Rezende, the series has eight episodes with an average duration of 30 minutes. In addition to Victor Lamoglia, Júlia Rabello, Danilo de Moura and Kéfera, the cast includes Projota (Richard), Telma Souza (Wanda), Leandro Ramos (Sandro) and Augusto Madeira (Fred).

Elenco de ‘Ninguém Tá Olhando’ | Imagem: Netflix
Cast of 'Nobody's Watching' | Image: Netflix

The production debuts on November 22 in the Netflix catalog and promises to trap you in the story from beginning to end.

Thunder Wave note
The acid humor used in the series will make you have a lot of fun and the excellent script will hold you from the first to the last episode.


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