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Criticism | The Enigma of the Rose

With a bag of 30 awards and 46 international teams, The Enigma of the Rose (Bajo La Rosa) is an independent production that hits theaters breaking records.

Not surprisingly, with a script very well executed, the film impresses with a distressing plot that is out of the ordinary, when young Sarah (Patricia Olmedo) is kidnapped at the school door. After days without having news about their daughter, her parents Oliver (Pedro Casablanca) and Julia (Elisabet Gelabert) receive a letter from the hijacker with just one request: talk to them that night.

bajo la rosa
The Enigma of the Rose | Image: Elite Filmes

An intimate work, The Enigma of the Rose takes the focus off the action and investigation about the kidnapping and shows the story from the family's point of view. Almost all the scenes take place inside the house, showing at first the daily life of the inhabitants, then showing the events in the same rooms. This choice is not by chance, in addition to giving a more suffocating feeling because it is easy to relate to what the characters are going through, the final explanations fit when the viewer discovers the reason for this crime.

Joshua Ramos does a great job at scripting and directing the feature. The unfolding of the plot is engaging, showing the Family's despair, while the motivations and motives fit together, and the outcome justifies all the character's decisions - in addition to impressing with the twists and turns.

As it is an independent production, The Enigma of the Rose he sins only in a few moments, usually in the cuts, where some mistakes are glaring. However, the great work with the direction and the script compensates for the mistakes and it is possible to highlight all due to the quality of the plot.

Thunder Wave note
Com uma trama intimista e envolvente, O Enigma da Rosa impressiona pelo ótimo roteiro.


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