With a bag of 30 awards and 46 international selections, Under The Rose (Bajo La Rosa) is an independent production that hits theaters with record breaking.

Not surprisingly, with a well-executed script, the film impresses with a distressing plot that runs away from the ordinary when the young Sarah (Patricia Olmedo) is kidnapped at the school’s door. After days without hearing about her daughter, her parents Oliver (Pedro Casablanca) and Julia (Elisabet Gelabert) receive a letter from the abductor with only one request: talk to them that night.

bajo la rosa
Under The Rose 

An intimate work, Under The Rose takes the focus of action and investigation into kidnapping and shows the story from the family’s point of view. Almost all the scenes take place inside the house, showing at first the daily life of the inhabitants, then showing the events in the same rooms. This choice is no coincidence, as well as giving a more suffocating feeling because it is easy to relate to what the characters are going through, the final explanations fit in when the viewer finds out the reason for this crime.

Josué Ramos does a great job writing and directing the feature. The plot’s unfolding is engaging, showing the Family’s despair, as the motivations and motives fall into place, and the outcome justifies all the character’s decisions – as well as impressing with the twists and turns.

Being an independent production, Under The Rose only sins in a few moments, usually in the cuts, where some mistakes are screaming. However, the great work with the direction and the script make up for the mistakes and it is possible to highlight all due to the quality of the plot.


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