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Review | Le Meilleur reste à venir

If you knew that your friend is sick and is terminal ... Would you tell him? It is with this theme that Le Meilleur reste à venir introduces himself. Friendship films always manage to captivate and entertain audiences. Most of the time, it manages to open a reflection on this feeling that, if well constructed, transcends barriers. The way in which the friendship of the protagonists is represented is even authentic and honest and that feeling makes those who watch it identify with the characters. In this sense of loyalty and loyalty to companionship, the directors Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre De La Patellière knew how to set the emotional and sincere tone of friendship between Arthur and Caesar.

The feature begins by introducing the characters with a brief introduction to their childhood and it quickly becomes apparent how different and complementary they are. Arthur is a 56-year-old researcher and university professor, divorced and the father of a girl. He lives alone and is the type of person who usually walks within the line. It is responsible and systematic. Caesar, on the other hand, is the eternal big boy who never grew up. He likes to live in the moment, it is fun, he likes adventures, especially loving ones. As in real life, opposites are attracted and Arthur and Caesar get along very well, each with their own personality complementing the other. Right from the start, the plot surprises with an event that ends up becoming the guiding thread of the feature.

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The beginning of the last adventure of Arthur and César / Paris Filmes

Arthur, when telling César that he is in a terminal phase, ends up getting tangled up and the way he tells it it seems that he is the one who is sick. Soon César and the public understand that Arthur is sick and from that moment on they set out for another of their adventures, this time, the last. The very creative script causes Arthur to be forced to leave his work so that he and César can actually live this last journey together. And in a comical way, the film starts to come loose and more is to come.

As events unfold, some similarities with Before leaving are almost inevitable. The friendship and interaction of the characters of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson it is very present, however, it is not a French version of an American production, but the look of the same theme, but with a totally new “outfit”. It is a different and charming story. If, on the one hand, the issue of illness is something sad, the plot insists on being at each scene, a happy and happy plot. With all this confusion, Arthur managed to detach himself from the robot mode he was in. The daughter thought it was boring and then they got on very well. Already Caesar, after so long away from his father, allows himself to talk to him ... And they get closer. 

Watching the film is a farewell. As difficult as it is to maintain any kind of relationship these days, the film shows us that truth, loyalty, honesty and love can do incredible things. The presented twists and all this confusion manage to make Arthur create a new look on life. The feeling of not having lived what you hope to have experienced is sad. It is sad for someone to leave and not have been able to hear an "I love you" from our mouths. 

In the first scenes, it is possible to see that both are lacking in affection ... true. And that both have their own internal monsters. But the most interesting thing about this relationship is showing how true it is to feel like liking someone. Sometimes, a lot of bad things happen and we do not always value who is at our side ready to welcome us regardless of the situation. The newest production from Paris Movies, Le Meilleur reste à venir shows that it is important to live responsibly, but without forgetting to live in the moment.

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Le Meilleur reste à venir shows that it is important to live responsibly, but without forgetting to live in the moment.


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