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The World in Chaos is a book full of criticisms of our reality that still "screams" at boys for being men and shut women for wanting to think.

Review | The World in Chaos - Patrick Ness

The World in Chaos, in Patrick Ness, launched by Intrinseca publisher, can be defined as a totally immersive book. First, because the edition is rich in its graphic quality and a role that shows how much the publisher is working on not only maintaining, but growing in its releases.

Second, because the translation kept the language errors, in this case the Portuguese one in the book, thus maintaining a desperate and glaring narrative of a character who does not know how to speak and think properly.

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This is a critical book where humanity on a new planet seems to have regressed the worst parts of its being, or rather, to have kept what it has always had the worst within itself, which is the aversion to the different and especially its machismo. Here men have a "problem" that is called Noise, which is nothing more than their thoughts that everyone can see.

Everything that man thinks, everyone ends up seeing, so lying or even knowing what is real, ends up being complicated. It is interesting to see / read, how Ness manages to transpose the reality of the male sex to the pages, like men who speak without thinking about its consequences and that everyone can now see.

This is a glaring Noise like in our world, where we do not stop a minute to talk and think the most diverse nonsense, creating stories in our mind that we do not even know if it is real, but that ends up becoming the truth for someone. In The World in Chaos, thinking is a terrible thing, because any slip can mean - and means - the reason to bring discord.

In addition, women do not have the Noise, that is, no one knows or knew what they thought, because as told to young Todd, all died after the war.

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One of the many positive points of The World in Chaos is to realize page by page how simple and easy it is to regress to the point where humanity burns books, to assume that a child becomes a man before the age of 15 - and that a man is a man, so BE A MAN - and that the “young girls” become a woman to become become mothers and mainly housewives.

This is a critical book with twists and captivating characters that constantly make us wonder if really knowing what a person thinks is so important, or if, stopping to think about before speaking, it would not be one of the best things to do , before committing any nonsense.

It also serves to illustrate the way in which society still shut women up by keeping them in eternal silence and even when silent, they are still haunted by men who accuse them of not saying what they think! It is a book that brings agony and reaching its end is a true personal journey.


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