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Sci-fi with acid humor and drama, the film is capable of dividing opinions


The Netflix promises an intense year with many productions and trying to get the taste right, the recently The Adam Project or The Adam Project is an example of this attempt at streaming. The new production directed by Shawn Levy and starring none other than Ryan Reynolds, brings a plot that mixes science fiction, adventure, drama and a dash of humor that captivates from beginning to end, in addition to having a talented cast.

In case you haven't noticed, the feature plays with the issue of going back and forth in time and the feeling we have is that we are watching a typical Afternoon Session movie. Project Adam follows Adam Reed played by Ryan Reynolds, a pilot from the year 2050 who steals a time-traveling aircraft. By mistake, Adam travels to the year 2022, when he was 12 years old and was struggling with asthma, fighting at school and was going through the grieving phase after the death of his father. Seeing himself forced to recruit his teenage self played by cute Walker Scobell, for the fulfillment of a personal mission, Reed finds himself in the crosshairs of the relentless Maya Sorian in the role of Catherine Keener, an ambitious woman who is a former partner of her father, Louis, a character in Mark Ruffalo — physicist who accidentally became a patron of the technology that made time travel possible.

Little Adam, Walker Scobell and his adult version, Ryan Reynolds / Reproduction Netflix
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Coincidence or not, The Adam Project is run by the same director of Free Guy - Taking Control, Shawn Levy who repeats the partnership with Reynolds and together they deliver an interesting feature that bets on nostalgia, post modernism and humor. Levy's direction is not something spectacular, but it has potential and although it didn't deliver what could be the beginning of a new era for science fiction, The Project Adam, proves to be innovative with its 80's outfit and warms the hearts of those who like it. of a good adventure.

Adam's goal is to go to 2018 to prevent something bad from happening, but along the way, he needs to solve other matters that he had no intention of doing so far. Betting on sentimentality makes the feature lose a little, that's because the script could have structured the subplots better, giving a more adequate depth to the production. Therefore, the mix between drama, acid humor, action and fiction does not go together in a harmonious way, because the focus is too divided and this gap in the script evidences the lack of revision that can be noticed in several moments. But anyway, it was great to see the couple played by Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, Adam's parents, who, unfortunately, did not have their participation as used.

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, once again as a couple / Reproduction Netflix

Actress Jennifer Garner plays Ellie, Adam's mother, who seems to have been forgotten there, but shone with mastery in the scene in which she shares with the big boy Reynolds. Both sitting at the same bar, share the pain of mourning Louis' untimely death - she, unaware that the man who comforts her with nice words is her already grown son. Allowing the viewer to witness the physical reunion of a person with their past, crossed by the universal prism of the pain of loss and family love, this moment manages to legitimize the time travel in an engaging and real way.

The space reserved for Ruffalo could also have been better used, but even so, with his entry, we have a gas for the long as we see the character interact with his children at different times in his life. After all, in the 2018 scene, we see Louis and his wife Ellie being other people at another time in their lives. Here we see that the actor is extremely comfortable in the role of the physicist and manages to add to the good dynamics that Scobell and Reynolds had already established in the story in the minutes prior to his entry into the plot.

The positive point of the plot is precisely the interaction between Scobell and Reynolds that reveal a very interesting chemistry that drags from the beginning to the end of the work. The production got it right by interposing these characters, who are actually the same person at different times. The connection between the versions was made correctly, as both understand each other and complement each other in each scene with astute positioning, all done in an exemplary way. And the feeling that is transmitted is that of seeing a mirror, the old reflects the new with mannerisms, jokes, mannerisms… essence. Here, Walker Scobell accepts the challenge of being the youngest version of Reynolds and hits the nail on the head. Ryan as always, perfect timing, impeccable acting… impossible to get tired of.

Zoe Saldana is Laura, Adam's bad ass wife / Reproduction Netflix

Another character who had a short screen time, but who shone with his well-choreographed action scene and triumphant entrance to Led Zeppelin's memorable "Good Times Bad Times" was Zoe Saldana, Laura, Adam's wife. She is fundamental to the plot in which she serves as a trigger and motivation for Adam's great mission to return to the past. Unfortunately, the girl was brutally ripped out of the film, only returning at the very end of the plot.

The villain, interpreted with the usual elegance of Catherine Keener, despite the actress' talent, the feature conveys more her charisma and delicacy than a sense of danger. It could be that this was the proposal of the direction that wanted to walk in the lightness and not to show a horrible villain. And its rejuvenated version is TERRIBLE. What happened to the CGI here??? Was it on purpose or did it go unnoticed? Negative point.

The conclusion of the film brings the resolution of the conflict in a cliché way, but it happened as expected. However, it yielded one of the most touching scenes of the film, the meeting of Louis and Adam in their versions in a simple and very moving passage. The Adam Project brings an interesting premise about time travel in which it develops the adventure of the protagonists who immerse themselves in a drama in the right measure when trying to deal with personal and sentimental issues from reunions and new choices. It is a film that, despite the slips, fulfills its proposal with balanced boldness and without arrogance, in addition to having a wonderful cast. It's a good choice for a family weekend.

Thunder Wave note
criticize-the-adam-projectIn The Adam Project we can see many pop references in the foreground and shamelessly like some "stolen" details from Star Wars, Back to the Future, the MCU, Deadpool and even Player #1. Thought in 2012, when it should have starred Tom Cruise, the production only had an “OK” even in 2020, which between the back and forth of pre-production, survived. Acquired two years ago by Netflix, The Adam Project could have seen a few more revisions in the meantime, focusing on its strengths and exploring them in more depth. However, what was delivered was not bad. It is a good proposal for the unpretentious weekend.



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