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Criticism | The Return of John Henry

Tormented by a dark secret, a gunslinger abandons his life of murder and returns home to discover his mother has died. He is forced to confront his estranged father and the life he left behind.

Kiefer Sutherland in a western is nothing new. Before Jack Bauer, one of its biggest highlights was having lived through the legendary Josiah Gordon 'Doc' Scurlock, from the band of Billy The Kid in the movie “Young Guns” beside Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christian Slater, Viggo Mortensen, between others. The film still had a fantastic score by Bon Jovi.

The actor in Young Guns

AND forsaken, original name, is more than a good western movie. It's having father and son side by side on screen, as it's the first feature starring the two in a little over 30 years of Kiefer's career.

This, by the way, was a dream of the actor, who, like Jane Fonda, co-starred with his father in “On a Golden Lake” from 1981.

This is a western with a slow narrative, which tells of John's return home after 10 years away. And when he arrives, he confronts his father, played by Donald.

Actors Michael Wincott, Donald and Kiefer Sutherland during filming

It is a simple film with a story already told about the conflict between father and son. Even though, The Return of John Henry manages to keep the viewer glued to the screen. Not only for the script, costumes and photography, but mainly for the great performances of the Sutherland duo, and also of Brian Cox, Demi Moore and Michael Wincott.

The Return of John Henry is for every fan of a good western, especially with older gunslingers and also those who like the work of Kiefer Sutherland.

This is one of the good acquisitions of the Netflix.

And let the curtains go up! To the next!

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