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Criticism | The Silence of the White City

The film has an interesting history, but not surprising

If you are a lover of suspense and films that are adaptations of books in this footprint, you will enjoy The Silence of the White City. The feature recently arrived at Netflix and it is a Spanish production that has been causing among moviegoers. O thriller even seeks to surprise with the film of serial killer and, at first, plays with references to Deadly Games, The Silence of the Lambs, by introducing his psychopath in a mysterious way and spreading the mysteries to droppers to build the suspense, which works well and instigates our involvement

The film is an adaptation of the best-selling book by Eva García Sáenz and tells the story of serial killer known as The Sleep Killer, which has frightened the population of Álva, a province that has been part of the Basque Country region in Spain for 20 years. He became famous for committing macabre crimes against people, in pairs, always made up of a boy and a girl. Its pattern is intriguing: the first victims were five years old; the second pair was killed at ten, while the last was fifteen. The bodies were always found in the same position, naked and with a sunflower covering their private parts. 

However, when a man, named Tasio, who became even better known in the following years for becoming a writer and gaining several followers on social networks because of texts in a profile written by fans, is condemned and held responsible for the deaths, the population calms down. However, Tasio is about to get out of prison, new murders start to happen, repeating the same pattern as the Sleep Killer. Suspecting a copycat, the police set off on an unbridled search to arrest this cruel killer and for that, Unai Ayala (Javier Rey) need to speed up the resolution of the case and avoid further deaths while fighting your inner monsters.

The film has serious problems. However, it has positive points. The basis of this feature, is a book of almost 500 pages which is understandable to understand the reason for the confusion made in the script, since it must have a lot of information and it is not an easy task to choose what will enter and what will not enter the adaptation . The plot is transformed into a hurried "tour" and ends up losing the possibility of being developed with more care.

At first, it starts well. Has a vibe a la CSI, as we see investigators committed to investigating and solving crimes. The investigators seem to get along and everything is going well when the film decides to hand over the identity of the real murderer and his reasons for committing the crimes, and the suspense is only due to the murderer's own past.

The amount of poorly developed subplots and characters with shallow stories make the story more confusing and tiring. A good point, is the work of directing Daniel Calparsoro (Hundred Years of Forgiveness) who has experience in producing films of this type and delivers good framings. But sin in action scenes that are repetitive, badly cut and without creativity. It is not interesting to see a policeman chasing a bandit several times only in different environments.

What is really surprising is the photography direction that highlights the beautiful scenery of Vitória, in the Basque country. In addition, the whole universe created around the crimes that is made of the use of religion to explain the events is very well done. The naked glasses, arranged in public environments, refer to Adam and Eve. The cunning, intelligent, multi-knowledge villain executes his crimes without spilling a drop of blood and even then surprises. But he makes a bad mistake in making stupid decisions. At a certain point in the plot, she knots and gets lost due to over-explaining and the use of flashbacks they greatly impoverish history, making it come and go, past and present, delivering an incoherent outcome. Lots of information that doesn't connect and that doesn't make sense. In general, the plot has an interesting history, however, it was necessary to consider in some way the events in the construction of the feature.

Thunder Wave note
The intention is good and could have been better executed, had the feature not been the peripheral plots developed in an incomplete way. Despite this, it has a beautiful photograph and a very interesting religious atmosphere to explain the crimes.


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