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Criticism | The silence of men


For more than 100 years women have been fighting for their rights, which are mainly because they are heard. In this patriarchal society, the place of women is to be dominated by men and never say anything to the contrary, as they can be classified as hysterical, crazy, among so many other terms.

And it was thanks to this cry for “enough”, with feminism becoming stronger year after year, that some men realized that there was something wrong with them. Questions about you started to spring up like: Why can't I cry? Why am I obliged to support my family solely? Why do I have to like violent sports and competitiveness? And many others why.

The documentary The silences of men performed by PdH Institute from the website Papo de Homem, is more than a break in the silence of thousands of men who seek their place in the world, to end all the violence they have done against their partners throughout their lives and especially against themselves. It is also a sample that the black man suffers much more from the stigma of "be a man" than the white, because "black will never be a man", because this is an ideal of "be a white man".

For a little over 1 hour, we are introduced to various discussions ranging from religion to transsexuals, showing how the macho culture ends up permeating philosophies that should bring love and people who end up falling into the trap and becoming "Men" for a so violent imposition, that it ends up looking like the right thing to do.

This is a documentary that should open doors so that several people can create communities of help and give help to children, youth and adults who most need to open their eyes to a world that for more than a thousand years makes you believe that “being a man” is to violate your fellow man. It is not by chance that most suicides, murders and other negative aspects are committed by men.

Something is wrong and it's time to fix it. Click here to watch the complete documentary.


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