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Rob Zombie, director and producer of Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009), returns to theaters with The 3 Infernals, the film is a sequel to The House of 1000 Bodies (2003) and The Devil's Renegades (2006), bringing the Firefly family back.

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The Firefly Family

His first appearance was in The House of 1000 Bodies, where on the eve of Halloween two couples who are traveling decide to visit the museum of a local legend Dr. Satan and end up meeting the Firefly family by giving Baby a ride (Sheri Moon Zombie, wife of Rob Zombie) and finally being murdered by the family.

In its continuation The Forsaken by the Devil, the family home is shot by policemen, led by Sheriff John Wydell who seeks revenge for the death of his brother, meanwhile, Baby and Otis (Bill Moseley), his brother, manage to escape the shooting and meet with father Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), leading the three to flee from the authorities leaving a trail of carnage and blood wherever they go.

The Three Infernals

Resuming the events of the last film through reports, we learn that Captain Spaulding, Otis and Baby, even when shot and with practically zero survival chances, resist bullet wounds and that the sensationalist press calls satanic recovery. In that beginning, the probable inspiration for the name of the feature, since the three return “from Hell”. The film discusses their stay in prison until Otis' improbable escape and his efforts to get his sister out of jail.

In the best gore style, Rob has spared no use of blood and violence, showing that his characters really do not show compassion for anyone other than their own family and themselves and that literally anything goes to get what they want, no one who crosses the path of Firefly clan is safe, the life of the next has no value.

Follow the ploys to get Baby out of prison and the help of a new member, Coltrane (Richard Brake), and all the slaughter that surrounds them means that there is no time to breathe relieved, always paying attention to who will be the next victims.

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Captain Spaulding?

The almost total absence of Captain Spaulding is noted, and the character appears only at the beginning of the film, according to the director, Sid Haig was hospitalized before the beginning of the recordings, due to a fall at his home, and due to his condition he was authorized to record only if it was not exhaustive. Unfortunately, the actor died on September 21 of that year, due to complications due to a lung infection.

Even though it is a film classified as Horror, the elements of action with shootings, and the use of unconventional weapons, are present all the time, which makes us hold our breath at all times. The rescue of the franchise, even after so long of its predecessor, leaves nothing to be desired in cruelty, strong scenes, representing well the style of its director

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The debut on the day October 24 makes it an excellent option for Halloween lovers and who cannot resist a gore movie. The production of Lionsgate is distributed by Paris Films.



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