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Criticism | The Incredibles

Brad Bird declared that he would not continue the striking The Incredibles if he didn't get a better plot for his successor. About 14 years after the premiere of the animation, we finally have a long-awaited sequel, which in fact lives up to Bird's statement.

The Incredibles 2 returns with the charismatic family using their powers to fight crime. However, the scenario is not favorable for superheroes, who are currently banned. After a persecution that does not go very well, which ends the superhero program, the Elastic woman is the only one that can help bring the heroes back. For this, it is the responsibility of the Mr. Incredible the difficult task of taking care of the home and children.

Crítica | Os Incríveis 1
The Incredibles 2 | Image: Disney

The plot of the animation works very well, especially in the current times where female empowerment is at its peak. The script takes the opportunity to joke with Mr. Incredible's male pride, but shows his maturity as a father and husband, while leaving his message with Helena's strength.

In the midst of it all has the personal problems of each child, with a huge focus on the fluffy Zeze, which reveals to have several powers. Certainly, this is the biggest hit of the script. This revelation serves to increase the weight of Mr. Incrivel's responsibilities, while providing most of the comic parts.

Crítica | Os Incríveis 2
The Incredibles 2 | Image: Disney

With a more adult tone, the animation accompanies the growth of the fans, pleasing with its nostalgic tone. This does not mean that it is not aimed at children, the perfect balance between the intriguing script and the comic relief, the film is a great option for the whole family.

The Incredibles 2 arrives at the cinemas justifying its delay. With an intriguing and very well constructed plot, it is an animation that makes up for the wait and manages to win over the audience.

Thunder Wave note
Bringing a coherent and current plot, The Incredibles 2 is an animation full of lessons and many fun moments.


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