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Review | Peacemaker

After a few stumbles, little by little A.D seems to be organizing its cinematographic universe, and an important part of this restructuring was the director James Gunn, the director was responsible for popularizing Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel.In the competitor, he was responsible for recovering the image of the Suicide squad, and from the team, give the members a greater importance than they have in the comics.

O Peacemaker (John Cena) is perhaps the most notorious case of these members, the character stars in the first DCEU series, and the first DCEU original series. HBO Max with characters from the publisher.

To form a concrete opinion with points and positives of the series, we need to go back in The Suicide Squad, because the two collide, and let's start with the casting choice, the actor and fighter John Cena, in his interviews, was always willing and dedicated to the project, even participating in events and interviews with his character's clothes.

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This tuning and passion for the character gives greater weight to his performance and identity with Christopher Smith, and today is able to create a bond and empathy between the character and the spectator.

The series begins exactly where The Suicide Squad ended, and follows the character on a new secret mission and with a premise even similar to that of the long one, but this time with a slightly smaller scale, but it still took a team to save the Earth.

The team that works with the protagonist in this new mission is originally composed of Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), John Economos (Steve Agee) and Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), later the Vigilant, alter ego of Adrian Cahse (Freddie Stroma) is part of the group.

This last addition deserves a separate highlight, as the character enters the plot organically, and is the best comic relief of the series, even though the series has a CGI eagle, he still takes the post of best character with his behavior stupid and endearing.

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James Gunn doesn't let the plot take itself seriously, and that sets the tone for Peacemaker, a great mix of action, humor and more sentimental moments, and this smorgasbord gives the series a unique and intriguing tone.

The script doesn't have any major innovations and the story is generic, and would work just fine in another team setting like Suicide Squad 2, but the simplicity behind the production doesn't make the series any less interesting or attractive to fans.

DC starts its productions on HBO Max on the right foot, with a series that rescues classic elements from the comics, and expands the DCEU showing the full potential of a rich universe that still has a lot to be explored on the big screen and on the small screen.

Thunder Wave note
Peacemaker delivers what was promised in The Suicide Squad: Action, Humor and a Plurality of Tone to the DCEU.

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Review | PeacemakerPeacemaker delivers what was promised in The Suicide Squad: Action, Humor and a Plurality of Tone to the DCEU.
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