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Start Series Reviews Review: Iron Fist - Netflix's first big slide

Review: Iron Fist - Netflix's first big slide

Of the four soil series that will result in The Defenders, all created by the partnership of Marvel with the Netflix, Iron fist it was, of the less unknown characters, the one with the most interesting protagonist and with a great potential to be explored. Leaving aside the demolisher, who is already known and fascinating for being a blind lawyer with enviable skills, a punisher with martial arts training and a super powerful shiny fist would undoubtedly please the audience more than Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, which were presented in their respective series practically as having super strength.

However, to the public's surprise, it was exactly this interesting character that Netflix ended up making mistakes and was unable to completely please with the production. The series of characters from The Defenders have been decaying with each release, Daredevil surprised with its quality, followed by Jessica Jones who, despite being good, has several problems and finally arriving at Luke Cage, the weakest of them until the debut of Iron Fist (not to mention the drastic drop in quality of the 2nd season of Daredevil in relation to the 1st). Following this rule, Iron fist fails to achieve the expected result due to several execution problems.

The series features Danny Rand (Finn Jones) that after a plane crash, where he loses his parents, is presumed dead. The boy spends fifteen years training with monks, where he creates the ability to become the Iron fist, and then go back to your old home. Danny has a hard time convincing acquaintances that he is the rich boy who supposedly died, but those who believe begin to want to get him out of the way for fear of losing control of the company.

The premise seems very realistic, almost escaping the hero theme, and that's exactly the problem with the series. The script does not seem to be able to find the balance between the realism and the mysticism necessary to give life to this character, leaving only the illuminated fist and Danny's training in another dimension as surreal elements, the rest seems so everyday that it ends up mischaracterizing the character. There are also an impressive amount of rational errors, something that we rarely see in Netflix productions. Little details poorly explained, for example, Danny since his appearance to dress like a beggar, clearly renouncing even shoes, out of nowhere appear to have no problem wearing a suit in front of corporate boards and shortly after returning to the model homeless person. Small execution flaws, such as objects that would not be possible to be available, are regularly seen during the season.

Punho de Ferro
Iron Fist: Finn Jones as Danny Rand
Image: Disclosure

Martial art works are widely used on television and always end up pleasing the public. Iron fist could have explored more of that detail, having Danny's training and the Colleen Wing skill (Jessica Henwick) in the area, the demonstrations could be constant, but are restricted to scenes of struggles that seem forcibly included, as a failed attempt to reproduce those that pleased the first season of Daredevil.

Punho de Ferro
Iron Fist: Colleen Wing and Danny Rand.
Photo: Disclosure

Of all the problems found in Iron fist, Finn Jones is not one of them. The protagonist delivers his role very well, convincing from his first scene as innocent fun to the heaviest action scenes. However, there is a lack of chemistry between him and Jessica Henwick, separately the two are very convincing, but together there is something missing.

Iron fist it doesn't quite disappoint, but it is clear that it could have been much better. The constant trips to the past to explain Danny's origin little by little are satisfactory in terms of understanding the story, but they extend for practically the entire season, to the point of tiring the viewer. It is a pity that such a promising character, with a talented actor to bring him to life, has to suffer from a succession of mistakes in execution.

The first season of Iron Fist is now available on Netflix.

See the full sheet and full cast of Iron Fist. 

Thunder Wave note
With flaws in the execution and poorly used characters, the series wastes potential.


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