Bringing back to the big screen the famous character played by Sylvester Stallone, Rambo: Last Blood debuts with the nostalgic promise to please franchise fans.

The plot features John Rambo (Stallone) living a quiet life, until a friend’s daughter, of which he is very close, is kidnapped and he needs to take action again to save her. So far, nothing much different from previous scripts, but what differentiates the new feature is the theme chosen: Trafficking of women.

As in previous feature films, Rambo should again be the most abhorrent. This film maintains the fidelity of previous stories, with a protagonist who with each new adventure is more traumatized with his past. He still suffers from the horrors of the Vietnam War, mainly because he was the only one who survived and still blames himself for those he didn’t save.

Rambo: Last Blood

During the adventure we will remember through the pain of the character what he went through. Without the need for flashbacks, this fifth movie can let older fans know what’s going on and those who have just arrived can also understand who John Rambo is.

The plot of Rambo: Last Blood is simple and fast, without the need for half words or explanations. It’s an adventure from point A to B and it’s over. Everything happens bluntly and when you realize, the movie is already in its end. This is even good, because we do not get lost in daydreams or sub adventures, but also creates a negative point, as some characters could be better explored, such as Paz Vega.

The criticism also gets a little more vague about trafficking women, but this is already normal in the franchise, where the main focus is the whole adventure.

Rambo: Last Blood is a good action movie and respects its roots, but could approach a few more characters to give a more dramatic air to your story. Anyway, it’s an adventure that pleases.


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