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Review | Schmigadoon! - Season 1

Schmigadoon! is a series based on a German tale and a Broadway show from the last century, which is still totally innovative and full of emotion today.


Schmigadoon! it's a completely different series from what the public is used to. the series of Apple TV + is musical comedy created by Five Paul and Ken Daurio, with all the songs written by Paul, who also acts as a showrunner.

The series is very simple showing the story of the couple Josh Skinner (Keegan-Michael Key) and Melissa Gimble (Cecily Strong), both doctors working in New York. Over time, the two begin to have some communication problems that lead them to spend a weekend in a place similar to a retreat, where they will have to meet again.

But when they get lost in the forest, they end up in Schmigadoon!, where people talk, but everything becomes a musical theme. They think they're in a theme park, until they come back the way they came and find they're stuck there and can only get out when they discover their soul mate.

From then on, the story, as with romantic comedies, brings encounters and disagreements between the couple and their interaction with the city's residents. And how could it be, Schmigadoon! it has every cliché of movie and series characters we've seen over the decades. The nice mayor, the bitch full of rules but with a secret, the boy who always appears out of nowhere to talk about the news and so on.

The series title and concept are a parody of the musical Brigadoon, 1947. The story created by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe for a Broadway musical, it's based on an older German short story written by Friedrich Gerstacker, speaking of a mythical Germanic village called Germanshausen and that she had been cursed by magic.

The musical received a cinematographic adaptation in 1954 with the same name, and in Brazil with the title The legend of lost kisses. Interestingly, the title had to be changed due to the end of World War II and Lerner also changed some of the story to Brigadoon. The musical film was staged by Gene Kelly.

The story now takes place in Scotland, with its men in kilts, rag hats, bagpipes, and other Highlander characteristics, and the name seems to come from Brig o'Doon (Bridge of Doon) in Alloway, Scotland. Years later, Brigadoon won another version, in 1966, this time for TV by ABC network.

Returning now to the new version aimed at the 21st century and streaming, Schmigadoon! continues with all the musical plot and lost people who must find something. And that's why after so many decades, a short story created in the 20th century is still so successful, as its theme remains current and innovative.

Schmigadoon! it can be a short series with only 6 episodes, but it will surely make you want to speak the name of the city all the time, go out dancing and create some musical theme. Schmigadoon! for all of us.



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