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Criticism | No Traces


No Traces shows the story of Wendy and Paul who discover that their daughter disappeared without a trace during a family trip. When the police have no clue, the two stop for nothing to find her, even as they make dangerous and gloomy decisions to retrieve her.

The feature written and directed by Peter Facinelli (Supergirl, Twilight, Nurse Jackie) and starring Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Fog, The Expanse), Anne Heche (Chicago PD) and Jason Patric (The Lost Boys, Big Kill), has a narrative of action films already known.

A kidnapped daughter where her parents try at all costs to find out where she ended up, who kidnapped her and why. The ending is very promising, with a beautiful twist and the narrative until then somewhat disconnected, ends up falling into place.

And this is the bad part of No Tracks. Facinelli's script is unfortunately weak. During the film, the viewer will certainly complain about several meaningless parts and attitudes that the parents take that ends up making them cold with their daughter's events.

The performances end up getting in the way, more because of the script than the actors really, yet it is difficult to protect an actor like Thomas Jane from an interpretation that seems to have come out of an 8-bit video game. The actor already proved not to be one of the best, but his performance as Punisher was praised by fans, as well as his protective father in the film adaptation of the book of Stephen King, The Fog.

The rest of the actors, as well as Anne Hetche, are not convincing. And this makes the film incredibly slow and meaningless in the actions of parents who should suffer with the disappearance of their daughter, in addition to a police officer, played by Jason Patric, to pass a little more emotion through the tragic moments he lived.

But the end of the film ends up explaining why, at least the parents are like that. But having to wait for the final 5 minutes to understand the couple's motives and decisions ends up irritating the viewer more than actually creating an interesting turnaround.

In addition, the cuts and much present in Sem Rastros is incomprehensible, with an initial scene that is not completed, deaths that did not need to occur and secondary characters totally erased.

Unfortunately Sem Rastros is a bad movie, with a cast without empathy between them, in addition to not creating any bond with the viewer. Anyway, you can still watch it, because it has a great story, but poorly executed. And here is the tip for those who like scripts and want to know more about how to create them and not make these mistakes.

In the course of Factory of Cinematic Ideas (FIC´s), the future professional of the area, or who is already in the field, manages to discuss and analyze between the lines the creation of universes and characters, so that they become credible to the audience that always searches for emotions.

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