The streaming services dispute has been intensifying with the emergence of new platforms, and Netflix has as one of its differentials the exclusive content, especially the series that create and becoming successes.

Despite numerous frustrated productions, the platform still knows how to develop a potential success, and in this scenario is Sex Education, series of 2019 and that already has the second season available on the platform.

In times of misinformation and Fake News, it’s important that the main media outlets function are be reliable means of information.

The Sex Education’s second season fulfills this role of social service again, just as in the first season, the series demystifies some concepts and taboos related to sexual practice, but the second season does not stop there, the series raises even more flags related to sexuality, such as abuse and prejudice against the LGBTQI + relationships.

In addition to the adolescent themes related to relationships and sexuality during this phase, the series also explores family relationships and also serves as a lesson for parents, and how to behave in relation to their children’s problems.

Another strong point of the series is the representativeness, the series still features characters of different sexualities and of the most diverse ethnicities, and all the characters with a huge emphasis, each within its central plot.

The second season arrives to consolidate sex education as one of the great series of today, with enormous potential for eventual future seasons. The production maintains the retro look and great arcs of characters with stories similar to stories of our daily lives, it is the type of series that lives a fine line between real life and fiction.

Some secondary characters from the first season take up bigger and more important spaces in the current season, with highlights for Aimee Gibs (Aimee Lou Wood) who goes through the saddest conflict in the series, and for Lily Iglehart (Tanya Reynolds) who is one of the main characters of the plot in the current season, even though often staying in the background.

Netflix seems to have found a captivating franchise, both for teenagers and adults, with a serious plot, treated consistently and with touches of sarcastic British humor, it seems that the streaming service has found a charismatic cast in a promising franchise, just like in Stranger Things. The expectation is that the series will have a long life and never lose the identity it created: to speak in a serious way of themes that few have the courage to explore.


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