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Adolescence is a period of transition in everyone's life, and during this stage we begin to discover and question ourselves. For many, this phase can be very traumatic and harsh, and in Help, I became a girl, we have an example of some difficulties of this experience portrayed on the big screen.

The film tells the story of Julio (Victor Lamoglia), a teenager who goes through several difficulties in his daily life, both at home and at school, is a figure who is always ignored by those around him, except for his best friend, the Head (Léo Bahia), the only character with whom he is able to open up and talk about subjects he likes, since X-men even astronomy.

In addition to Head there is another person in the college who arouses an interest in Julio, Melina (Manu Gavassi) is the beautiful, popular and sensitive girl in the plot, and when Júlio gets close, he finds himself in a huge confusion that changes his life from water to wine. Using this expression is not an exaggeration, considering that the character's embarrassing situation has a huge consequence: Julio will come Julia (Thati Lopes).

The actions of the Victor Lamoglia and the Thati Lopes are incredible, and make the viewer see both of them as the same character, not only because of the plot, but also because Julio and the Julia.

The film very well delivers a teenage romantic comedy, which does not have to force comic situations, as the laughter flows naturally. Despite the humor, the feature also masterfully portrays serious issues from this phase such as interpersonal relationships, self-love, sexuality and maturity, and most importantly, all with a unique style and escaping the obvious.

It is a full plate for fans of teen films from the early 2000s, and a great lesson for those who are currently going through this phase, and can serve as a kind of support in the difficulties of adolescence.

Help, I became a girl hits theaters on August 22, check out the trailer:



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