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Review | Sonic 2: The Movie

Long promises fun and nostalgia


Next Thursday, April 7th, the live-action sequel to Sonic, one of the last films released before the beginning of the Covid pandemic that isolated everyone at home. Even before the first feature was released, the blue hedgehog was already drawing a lot of attention due to the work of Paramount in remaking the hedgehog's look, making him more friendly and faithful to the speedster of the games. The repercussion of the good reviews also drew attention, as the project managed to win over the public (specialized critics, children and fans) with its calibrated humor and fun story, in addition to the return of Jim Carrey to the caricatured roles, which turned him into this world icon of comedy. Right at the end of this adventure, a special scene featured the participation of the friendly Tails, ensuring a hook for a possible sequel, thus maintaining the essence of the video game franchise.

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After two years of waiting and with life returning to pre-pandemic normality, that is, with most shops working and that includes cinemas, the expectation is that the sequel will be able to raise more than the predecessor project, considering that the current production It took a little more time to work on and improve. And yes, we can see a wide improvement in the look of Sonic and the new furry pets. If you take a closer look at the first film - the character was hastily changed due to the negative repercussion it acquired in the media -, the new Sonic has more texture, a more vibrant color palette and the character's powers were more evident in the sequel.

The plot follows a new threat in the blue hedgehog universe. Now it's the echidna Knuckles' turn to team up with Dr. Robotnik to make Sonic's life more complicated. In the original version, the red furry is voiced by Idris Elba - a super talented actor being part of a super cool movie, it must have been quite an experience for the actor who recently starred in James Gunn's Suicide Squad -, who lent his voice for the character Knuckles who, despite having trained and prepared for difficult times, cannot cope well with the news of the world around him. He traveled across dimensions after Sonic, as he is the only one who can stop him from finding the legendary emerald that would help him restore his people.

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Knuckles and Sonic duel in Sonic 2 – The Movie / Paramount Play

However, as mentioned earlier, he teamed up with Dr. Robotnik, who finds himself trapped in the mushroom world and offers to guide him to Earth. Not realizing the evil doctor's evil, Knuckles accepts and they both depart for Earth. However, Sonic did not know that he would be about to gain an ally, Tails…. the little yellow fox with two tails that appears in that scene from the first movie and arrives on Earth to warn Sonic about the great threat that is approaching. Positive point for the relationship of true friendship built between the two. Both exude charisma and manage to convey the atmosphere we see in the characters' games.

Speaking of the game's atmosphere adapted for the big screen, fans will be happy with the elements straight out of the games, as the chase scenes, the dynamics between Sonic and Tails, the maze, the rings, the mushrooms... brings a nostalgic feeling to those who met the blue hedgehog through the joystick. It is a success of the production to have bet on these elements to enrich the plot and transmit the universe without losing the identity of the game on the big screen. It will certainly please the fans. The soundtrack is still interesting and very current. Bruno Mars was a good choice.

The film's message is very clear and talks a lot with this adventurous universe that highlights the importance of maturity and responsibilities and also reinforces that being a hero is not just a title. The feature brings many motivational messages, focuses on the importance of family and friendship ties, recognizing mistakes and learning from them. Although it is a feature aimed at children and teenagers, it is possible that many bearded adults leave the movie theater feeling emotional. It's beautiful to see how much the production managed to maintain the quality of its predecessor.

Tails is a very cute little fox and will delight everyone with his charisma / Paramount Reproduction

The original dubbing cast could not be evaluated, as we watched the dubbed cabin, but we can talk about the Brazilian dubbing and I must confess that Manolo Rey's borrowed voice in Sonic remains wonderful. He manages to give the perfect childish tone to the blue hedgehog and that suits the character a lot. The idea of a Sonic without Manolo's voice would be inconceivable. Another important fact is that the cast did – in part – a good job of acting. Without many slips and the highlight goes to Jim Carrey who manages to be bizarre and funny at the same time. Something really cool is that the secondary characters had a little more depth since in the first feature they didn't have as much screen space. However, some caveats.

Jim Carrey's character manages to set the perfect tone for the exaggerated Robotnik, being purposefully caricatured with his mustache and eccentric clothes. Although, he has fun scenes and has a certain body language, the other humans are in limbo, because despite having more screen time, they are out of tune. Unfortunately, the film has a flaw and it's not the actors' fault, but the arc around Rachel's wedding could have been cut, plus the jokes were "too much" because a reference here and another there is fine, but all the time to make you laugh at all costs, it made the movie a little silly, it was unnecessarily childish. 

This issue of exacerbated infantilization is due to a script that did not adjust some details and became less cohesive than the previous feature, as it focuses on bringing some silly moments, quoting from time to time some reference from the pop culture universe or some joke. fun of the protagonist and from there we can see that the creative team puts in check the cleverness of the spectator. Even a dog has the ability to understand what's on screen. Anyway, here's the tip for the next sequel to focus on what really matters. Because of this, the feature suffers from a “lost time” that tires the audience. Something that will draw attention is the post-credits scene that guarantees a third movie and that will generate a tremendous EPIPHANY in Sonic fans.

Thunder Wave note
critique-sonic-2-the-movieSomething that bothers are the off-key jokes and silly moments. However, the direction follows the line of the previous feature, it doesn't dare, but it doesn't spoil either. In other words, Sonic 2 manages to have fun and get a good laugh despite the skids. It has a visual to envy, an interesting cast, a cool soundtrack and a post credit scene to cause siricutico. It's good unpretentious entertainment for a family weekend. It is worth it.



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