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Criticism | Space Force

If the new series were a rocket ... it would take off by leaps and bounds, but the Moon would arrive

The new plot launched by Netflix on the last Friday in May, (29), the series Space Force, accompanies General Mark Naird (Steve Carell), charged with leading the newest division of the United States Armed Forces: the Space Force. At a remote base in Colorado, he, Dr. Mallory (John Malkovich) and a team of inexperienced scientists and astronauts are given an urgent mission to step (again) on the Moon and dominate space.

But before we hit the moon, let's recap a few things. The Space Force is a project created by U.S. President Donald Trump as an arm of military service that aims to ensure sovereignty beyond Earth. Yes, the idea is surreal and fiction or not, the team behind the series The Office does not play in service and has already made its contribution to streaming of this somewhat crazy endeavor.

Carell's recent project with the creator Greg Daniels, whose partnership has already yielded the aforementioned The Office, is not surprising and only generated expectations. The idea is cool, but poorly developed. The main cast, also headed by Don Lake, Ben Schwartz, Tawby Newsome and Jimmy O. Yang, it even yields good laughs and good scenes, but the presence of secondary plots only hinder the flow of the series.

The series is a "tour" through the daily lives of astronauts and scientists whose mission is to step on the moon again. The relationship between the characters Naird and Mallory is something well developed and that in the course of the plot is built in a natural and fun way and that, in a way, sustains a good part of the season. Another interesting partnership is the friendship between the pilot Angela (Newsome) and the scientist (Yang) that gains great prominence at the end of the plot.

Everyday life is full of “misfortunes”. At the beginning we can see the chimpanzee's job to repair the Epsilon 6 satellite (Trump's billionaire investment) and ends up being kidnapped by the Chinese. The intimate visit between Naird and his wife is a truly impossible mission that yields an interesting moment in the eighth chapter. It opens space to discuss the life of a couple separated by prison and other possibilities of non-heterosexual relationships. Another beautiful point of the series is the performance of 'Kokomo', by The Beach Boys. It is a fact that there was a concern of the production to deliver scenarios very well made and rich in details and an exceptional costume.

Despite all these aspects, production is not just based on that. Although Naird is endeavoring to raise a teenage daughter who can be said in passing, he has not experienced any development in history, remaining in the still stereotype of a rebellious teenager, trying to sustain a marriage with the character of Lisa Kudrow, who is arrested and in none of the episodes the reason for her absence is explained. And even though he is in charge of a very complicated project, Carell's character needs more than a smile and a captivating speech to impress the audience.

Finally, the American government's madness, political games and lunar colonization are the stage for the picturesque Space Force, a more coherent plot is needed and that in fact delivers a good production. A brilliant cast, a well-prepared team and incredible effects are not enough, if the script fails to tie up and deliver a series that matches all of these aspects mentioned above. So, like The Office, which needed more than one season to show its potential, the space series will be no different. Will Netflix give this second chance?

Thunder Wave note
Space Force has potential and if it is to take off it is up and forward and not by leaps and bounds.


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