Based on the popular film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, premiered by Amazon Prime Video the series Mr. & Mrs. Smith, full of comedy, action and espionage.

The new plot narrates the trajectory of John (Donald Glover) and Jane (Maya Erskine), two strangers who abandoned their identities and old lives to become partners, not only in espionage, but also in an obligatory sham marriage. Associated by a mysterious spy agency, the two are sent on new and dangerous missions, where they will also face challenges in their personal lives and will need to work on their relationship, as divorce is not an option for two professional assassins.

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Unlike the original feature, this new story presents the Smiths as positions, each new agency hire is designated as a couple, both named John and Jane. The differences between the pairs are the levels they choose to work at, ranging from low risk to super high risk. It's a smart decision, since because it's a series and has more screen time, there's greater potential to explore the full relationship. Therefore, here we see from the moment they meet until the final evolution of the relationship between John and Jane.

The script for the work created by Donald Glover and Francesca Sloane follows an interesting pattern, with a recurring cast made up solely of the protagonists and only featuring appearances with each new mission. These missions are what guide each episode, and they are not chosen by chance, they are always a great representation of where the Smiths' relationship currently stands. Even an extremely immature target serves as an analogy for motherhood vs fatherhood, for example.

This format makes the production more fun for fans, as they can delight in each new appearance, which features names beloved by series viewers, such as Wagner Moura, Paul Dano, Parker Posey, Ron Perlman, John Turturro, Michaela Coel, Sarah Paulson, among others.

Crítica| Sr. & Sra. Smith - 1ª Temporada 1
Wagner Moura and Parker Posey in Mr. and Mrs. Smith/ Image: Prime Video

Like all work created by Glover, social criticism is present, organically and well constructed. The fact that the main couple is made up of an Asian woman and a man of African descent is not constantly remembered on stage, nor does it serve as an argument when necessary, it just uses visual representation. However, Glover uses his character for some specific criticisms, which show that a person of his color still cannot establish himself calmly in a high-standard status and sometimes makes espionage difficult.

Throughout the season, Mr. & Mrs. Smith it grows so casually that it becomes a little predictable, since the logical path is to reach the moment in which the well-known plot of the film takes place. However, this in no way hinders the fun, with the comical and logical events always present on screen.

Glover and Erskine do a great job together, with accurate chemistry between their characters and they don't lose anything in interaction with the participants. The personality of the protagonists is well-founded, which greatly facilitates their development on stage and makes each interaction dynamic, making the series fast and very well developed.

Crítica| Sr. & Sra. Smith - 1ª Temporada 2
Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in Mr. & Mrs. Smith/ Image: Amazon Prime Video

The espionage elements that are so successful are not as present in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, with a greater focus on the story, the relationship between the protagonists and the consequences of the service they perform. With a little of his personal life explored and some changes from the original film, it may please fans a little less, but it is still a quality work that provides great entertainment.

With references and tributes to the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith It is a series that promises to please different audiences, with a right dose of comedy and drama. It's a promising debut that leaves a hint for a new season, even if the path it could take is doubtful.


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