Since last July 4, the new season of one of the most anticipated series of the year 2019 has been available in the catalog of Netflix – this is because the second season only aired in 2017. It is undeniable that Stranger Things besides revolutionizing the entertainment market, has brought a coolness to series lovers. A great bet from Netflix who bet on the creative minds of the Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross).

It has already been said here on the site that the 80’s has a predilection even for teenagers and young adults who were not born in the decade. It turns out that the 80’s has a magic that decades before and after do not possess. Stranger Things bets on nostalgia and nostalgia and praises the best decade to be a child, adolescent and adult


The plot begins with a time jump of two or three years – are you reminded that the end of the second season was at the Winter Ball of 1984? In an interview with Yahoo!, Ross Duffer, one of the creative brothers, screenwriters and directors, said that for the third year of Stranger Things, it was necessary to make a temporary jump due to the growth of the children’s cast.

Well, that’s great. It is summer in Hawkins (fictitious rural town located in the state of Indiana, United States) and we are very close to the great national holiday, which is the 4th of July, the country’s independence day. A large festival is being prepared by the city hall for the celebration of the date and the usual fireworks display. Well, this is not a spoiler, after all, during the spreading months of the new season, it was very clear that everything would happen on July 4th.

This time the Russians are in US territory at an underground plant built below Starcourt Mall, the city’s shopping center. The interest is in fact to open the portal Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) closed at the end of season 2. A highly radioactive and technological gigantic, it does in minutes what men would take years to complete.

The creativity for the third year of Stranger Things was exactly as it was and even though the Duffer Brothers script the first two and the last two episodes of the season, the other writers and directors were 100% aligned with the Duffer ideas – which did not happen in the second season. There was synchronicity in the plot, which made it much more dynamic and interesting to maratonate.

Some factors contributed to the success of Season Three. Are they:

  • The actors had the same screen time
  • The cast was divided into “cores”, which gave way to the plot
  • Eleven did not carry the story in the back, taking everything for herself and saving the day.
  • Each “core” set up a part of the puzzle, putting everything together at the end
  • The maturation of the plot brought prominence to the adult characters
  • Protagonism and representativity to other actors, pulling the central focus of Eleven
  • Simple central plot, no filler, dynamic, easy-to-understand text
  • MUCH reference to pop culture and the 80’s nerd/geek lifestyle

Feminism and Feminine Protagonism

Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is wonderful and shows that girl power is a lifestyle and is present in all women of all ages. She faces the machista orders of the editor of the town’s newspaper, The Hawkins Post, where she works serving coffee and snacks for journalists: all men. With incredible ideas for a vacancy or experience as a investigative journalist, she is always pruned by her superior, the editor-in-chief. In season three, his character is undoubtedly one of the best.

Maxine (Sadie Sink) and Eleven are getting closer together. Sorority. In an attempt to lift her friend’s spirits because of Mike‘s amorous disappointment, Max takes her to the mall and makes Eleven discover that women do not need men to be happy, that a friend is enough to understand that life is lighter that you imagine. Max introduces Eleven into another universe, on another level: that of self-love. Cindy Lauper already said: girls just wanna have fun to the sound of Madonna‘s Material Girls.

Suzie, with Z

You’ll freak out when Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) shows up telling you that she’s dating. At first, you might even think it’s not true, and because having left the Season 2 Winter Ball and if it was not for Nancy would be there by now, you’d think he was making all this up because Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven are dating (keep this information).

However, none of this is a lie. Dustin is in love with Suzie, with Z. The actress who plays her is Gabriella Pizzolo, famous for her performance in Matilda, Broadway musical. For seven episodes, she’s just quoted, but in the final chapter of the series, Dustin and Suzie star in the best scene of the season: they sing the song from  The NeverEnding Story movie. Very cute!

And please, Netflix, put Suzie, with Z in the next season of Stranger Things.

It’s impossible to write America without Erica!

Erica Sinclair, Lucas‘s (Caleb McLaughlin) sister, had already been introduced to viewers the previous season. Maybe an attempt to “mark the face” of the actress and show that in year 3, it would be very important for the story of the plot. Indeed. Priah Ferguson showed that even as a child, she is an actress of those, for the fan of Stranger Things no fault. She is sagacious, natural, empowered, intelligent, and … nerd. It’s that story: “I became what I feared the most.” Erica‘s “nerd” is passionate and fun and shows that girls can be good with numbers, mathematical equations and alert minds.

Errors & Hits

Mike this season was completely unnecessary. The actor remains very good, there is no denying that the choice of the same for the cast of Stranger Things, was a good fit. Maybe it’s because Mike‘s getting into adolescence, maybe it’s because he’s become a dump in a gallop or maybe because he’s in love and dating. He abandoned his friends, and when he needed them most, he ran to them. If it had only appeared in the last episode, it would be even better.

Will Byers (Noah Schnapp)’s misuse of the plot was UNNECESSARY. In fact, the character only served as a parameter to detect the presence of such a monster with chills in the nape of the neck. Pampered, stupid, jealous … I was about to be. His character should have been better taken advantage of, since he was already possessed by that creature and inhabited the Upside Down, have remnants of the experience obtained in season 2, it would be interesting to know, for example, what the monster was thinking, for example. Anyway, some function for your character. As for the actor, he continues medium.

What is the motivation of the Russians on American soil? Why did they want to open the portal? Obviously, these are questions that are likely to be answered next season – see the post-credit scene at the end of the eighth episode. The fact that Russia’s presence in history was something irrelevant. Maybe it would make better sense if the Hawkins Lab scientists were trying to reinstate the institution in a hidden and clandestine way.

The downsizing of the episodes is worth highlighting. One less than the previous season, makes all the difference. The duration of the episodes retained, an average of approximately 50 minutes for each episode – with the exception of the eighth and final chapter. Eleven’s powers were gone completely, so that the manual labor of the infant cast had its effect: the mind was the main catalyst for escaping such a creature.

Highlights for the performances of Winona Ryder, who as always, takes a shower and always delivers an incredible Joyce Byers. Her partnership with David Harbor is undeniably flawless, and what everyone has hoped for, which is a mood of romance between Jim and Joyce, in fact happens. But “disappearance” (or death) of Hopper in the last episode, disappoints and leaves the viewer completely without reaction – especially when this suspense is taken to the end, during the post-credit scene and nothing done.

New faces have emerged in Stranger Things 3. This is the case of actress Maya Hawke, who plays Robin in a stupendous way, the clerk at Scoops Ahoy, located in the mall. The young actress is the daughter of actress Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and actor and filmmaker Ethan Hawke (Boyhood, Lord of Arms). Although young, Maya has great productions in the curriculum, such as Little Women and Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood movies.

Your character in the plot is extremely essential and necessary. In fact, it is she who gives the tone so that the progress of the episodes follow in a good flow. Not to mention the LGBTQ representation that carries with you. If you are a good observer, you will kill the charade in the very first scenes in which your character appears.

Steve, the character of Joe Keery gets a good highlight and alongside Robin, Dustin and Erica, his character grows. The idea of ​​”is handsome but is not smart” falls apart when at crucial moments in history, no matter how driven by Robin, Dustin or Erica, it has an effect. It takes initiatives and has crazy but necessary ideas. And that story of friendship between woman and man, there is real and official – never forget that.

Final Considerations

The series tickled. In fact, pleased VERY much. We had the best season of Stranger Things since the premiere. Although the theories existed that Hopper did not die and that he ended up in the Upside Down and that criticism from the expert critics or not point out that Stranger Things 3 was the most of the same and that the Duffer Brothers found the cake recipe for success, I completely disagree. We had a dynamic, entertaining, and romantic film to the extreme (which is good, of course, because it reinforces the identity in which the series is embedded), good script, clear text and easy to understand. Nothing that happened was repeated seasons 1 and 2, quite the opposite: there was freshness and freshness, from photography to the special effects and costumes.

The perfect soundtrack and the fact that the Duffer Brothers perform better in the script and direction of Season 3, only emphasized that it is better that they are ahead of the project than that disaster, which was the second season. More themes of representative character can and should be addressed and expanded those already shown, after all, representativeness matters.

Stranger Things surprised me and I can not wait for the fourth year of the series, which is sure to be confirmed by Netflix very soon – after all, doors have been opened and need to be closed. Before that, it would not be all bad, a special divided into two parts: the first, launched on Thanksgiving and the second, at Christmas. Or, it would be better not even to mention their holidays in the last episode.

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