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Review | Succession- Season 3

Succession season 3 makes up for the long wait


After more than two years of waiting, fans of Succession finally they will be able to check out the events that follow the hot outcome of the 2nd season, from the 17th of October.

Chaos is the word that defines the 3rd season of Succession. Starting exactly where the plot ended two years ago, with the denunciation of Kendall (Jeremy Strong), the chaotic situation is already shown in the first scene, with a whirlwind of emotions represented by Logan (Brian Cox) in a helicopter on its way to its “next move”. The charges to your company Waystar Royco they include covering up “crimes” – corporate speech for things like murder and sexual assault – and he is accused of an accomplice, by his own son. The same son he was about to send to prison as a sacrifice.

The first episode of this season already sets the tone it will take, with an open battle between Logan and Kendall, who put themselves in motion, each with their team, to ensure that they will emerge victors in this power struggle.

Succession Season 3/HBO

Over the course of the seven episodes provided for this review, this fierce contest only escalates and maintains this strategic game. Family feud is nothing new to the series, but these two powerful men bring something much bigger. Logan is a leader who doesn't score without a knot, when he's in an environment, no one else is noticed, and is willing to offer his own son as bait if he's good for business, but in this new plot his weaknesses are exposed.

Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin), participate in this open war in another way. They alternate between being grateful for escaping their father's challenge and grabbing the opportunities that come along. All others, with emphasis on Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), are pawns in this game, with a lot of potential for strategy, but totally expendable if necessary.

Jeremy Strong stands out in all of this. His acting is incredible this season, which requires a strong behavior, but without ceasing to be the son sacrificed by the father, the prodigy that cries out for attention as a man and son. The entire strategy that spins the plot works as a parallel to the power games Kendall created, while everyone is trying to save Waystar's future, he's manipulating the public to reconsider what the company could be. His idea, which comes after the press conference that started the situation, comes from the possibility of conquering the masses and taking over the company. To do this, it starts to make public exhibitions of philanthropy and motivational lectures.


While the 2nd season of Succession abusing the conquest of confidence, arrogance and ego, season 3 takes its toll, showing that an over-inflated balloon has the risk of bursting, the plot is about consequences. Another big change this season, perhaps due to the effects of the pandemic, is being more fixed on location, at least for the first seven episodes. Whereas previously the plot took place in several different countries, this one is modestly fixed in the same place.

Succession arrives with a more intimate third season, with a great strategic battle and less visual. However, it gives a feeling of “recharging”, like a bomb preparing to explode.



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