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Review | Outbreak

Outbreak is a film that goes beyond showing a person in a day of rage, showing how close we are to losing our sanity.


Here's a different movie from the ones that are coming to the platforms this November. Outbreak (Surge), starring Ben Whishaw (the new Q in 007) from the same producers as The Witch, follows the story of Joseph, a lone airport security guard trapped in a purposeless life. In an impulsive act of revolt, he unleashes his wildest self and will live out his day of rage through the streets of London.

Surto é um filme “nervoso” e aqui o espectador irá saber o que é ter um surto de verdade e não apenas ficar irritado com algo. Jospeh a todo instante já demonstra estar vivendo além do limite, principalmente com seu hábito de comer e beber segurando os talheres e os copos pelos dentes.

This is tremendously annoying for anyone watching. The sounds produced by the actor while drinking something, while holding the glass and squeezing it by the teeth, go so far as to make anyone roll their eyes and even put their hands over their ears.

The entire construction of this story, by the way, is in the sounds, which help to unnerve those who are watching. The character's journey with so many noises, whether from the airport, subway, traffic or even the motorcycle stopped in front of his apartment, shows how much we live with noise pollution and can no longer live harmoniously with other people.

Isso também é evidente na maneira como ele convive com seus pais, ainda mais com seu pai tremendamente machista e uma mãe que ultrapassa seus sentimentos onde qualquer atitude – ou falta dela – de seu filho, a fará sofrer sem algum motivo aparente.

Um ponto negativo, mas que em alguns casos até se torna interessante, é o uso da câmera nervosa. A câmera segue Joseph por todos os lados, muitas vezes sem um único corte, principalmente nas cenas em que ele está “surtado”. Só que ela se mexe de uma maneira que cansa quem está assistindo. Se a ideia, como parece, é esta, a direção conseguiu, mas também deixa o espectador com uma grande dor de cabeça.

In some ways, the use of the nervous camera helps, to understand what is going on with the character, but when taking the interpretation of Ben Whinshaw, this is unnecessary.

Ben takes an acting bath by showing a nervous, twitchy character who goes so far as to believe he's like that. His gestures that lead to his outbreak, make us afraid, not of him, but that at any moment we might also have one and not even know what we're doing anymore.

Outbreak is an English feature that makes a social criticism, mainly to the way of life in England, which reminds us a lot of our own country. The film is now available for purchase and rent on digital platforms Claro Now, Amazon, Vivo Play, iTunes/Apple TV, Google Play and YouTube Movies. With distribution of Synapse Distribution, the feature film can be found in dubbed and subtitled versions.



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