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Review | Ted Lasso- Season 1

Possibly one of the most curious premieres of our time, ted lasso won many fans in its first season. The peculiar part of the series comes from its inspiration, as it is adapted from a character created by the protagonist himself, Jason Sudeikis for a series of commercials he made for the NBC, which worked like a fake documentary making fun of an American coach who is going to coach a football team of which he is completely unaware of the rules.

This premise extends to the series of Apple TV +, which begins with Ted Lasso (Sudeikis) moving to London to take over a football team and leaving his family in the United States. As an American football coach, he is completely unaware of how our beloved football works and is a sure-fire choice for failure.

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The justification for this hiring comes from the anger of Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), who took over the direction of the team Richmond after your divorce. She was betrayed and traded by her husband, whose only true passion is this team and is motivated to destroy Richmond to hit her ex-husband.

Crítica | Ted Lasso- 1ª temporada 1
Ted Lasso and Rebecca/ Image: Apple TV+

The bet looks risky, and the premise quite simple. However, the construction of characters stands out and transforms ted lasso in a fascinating production. To bring the protagonist, who was initially just a joke, into this universe, Sudeikis, alongside Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs, invested in making Lasso extremely empathetic, being a positive and attractive guy for his joy of living, who is able to win over the public right away and pass on a positivity capable of creating fans for the series.

Beside you, Rebecca is also a key point. Her build allows her to be a perfect antagonist, but her wounded side is so justifiable, and her most emotional moments are so intense, that it creates a huge spectator empathy for her as well. The entire core is well thought out, bringing different characteristics to each player and even non-recurring characters, making everyone very captivating and being the reason I want to come back to the series every week.

Crítica | Ted Lasso- 1ª temporada 2
Ted Lasso/ Image: Apple TV+

The humor is very well balanced with Lasso's positive teachings, as well as the occasional social criticism left throughout the episodes. With many relevant issues to be addressed, ted lasso it's very little about football and much more about being a good person – to yourself and to those around you.

A huge Apple TV+ hit, ted lasso is a series that manages to amuse, while delivering great messages and leaving revealing questions about life. With an unpredictable plot, it is a production that grows with each episode and leaves a gratifying feeling in the fans.

Thunder Wave note
With many relevant issues to be covered, Ted Lasso is very little about football and much more about being a good person - to yourself and to those around you.

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