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Review | The Good Place- season 4

Debuting in 2016, The Good Place it was a pleasant surprise, using comedy to make some of the best reviews today. With its main focus being life after death, in a non-religious way, the plot took the opportunity to give innumerable pinpricks in irrational beliefs, while making fun of the most popular current issues.

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Over the years, the production has undergone some changes, but without departing from the original premise. With the previous season leading to the discovery that humanity was basically being taken to the “Bad Place”, the new year explored a search of the five characters for a solution to enter the “Good Place”, and in addition to helping humans to go there too.

Crítica | The Good Place- 4ª temporada 1
The Good Place season 4 | NBC

With the neighborhood in the hands of the group, they need to prove people's ability to evolve and redeem their actions, a task that is not easy right from the start and only gets worse with Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) trying to sabotage the project. The rules of the deal include this possibility, with the demon putting four people to hinder progress - which include Chidi's ex-girlfriend introduced last season.

The romance, which grew a lot in the last two years of production, is even more present. With the stipulated couples, there is only Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and Chidi (William Jackson Harper) face the enormous challenge of being together with the obstacles placed by Shawn, which demands an enormous sacrifice from the girl and only the public's apathy towards the couple grows.

Crítica | The Good Place- 4ª temporada 2
Eleanor and Chidi face challenges in this new season | NBC

With the season going on hiatus a few times, it seems longer than usual, a factor that helps fans hold their sadness that the production will end. With these divisions, the chapters that return to the series and precede the finale seem faster and a little more urgent in resolving issues.

However, the final chapter deserves a separate criticism. All the haste is justified in this double-ended outcome, which focuses exclusively on the completion of the quintet and becomes absurdly emotional, running away from the comic pattern presented throughout the series and, as the creator himself warned, it is a real punch in the stomach. . The path of redemption traced so far delivers a gratifying resolution to events, presented in such an intimate and real way, that it can bring tears to even the most insensitive spectator.

The Good Place managed to impress each end and beginning of the season, proving that the script managed to change the focus of the plot of each new year without losing the main theme. And that's how the production ends, again proving that it can change the tone without losing coherence and impressing with the emotional and totally plausible outcome, without losing the chance to deliver countless philosophical teachings that, hopefully, will stay in the minds of the fans for many years.


Thunder Wave note
The Good Place ends in an exciting and plausible way, showing that it still manages to be an impressive production.


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