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Review | The Infiltrators

There are still a lot of immigrants in the United States, some legal, some illegal, but practically everyone living a very tense life in the country, with the constant risk of being separated from their family. That's what The Infiltrators speaks. Shaped thriller documentary, the work tells the true story of young immigrants detained by the Border Patrol and thrown into a shady for-profit detention center - on purpose.

March and Viri they are members of the National Alliance for Immigrant Youth, a radical group that is on a mission to prevent unjust deportations. Together with other young people, they devised a way to try to help, without the use of lawyers, the people who are trapped in these persecutions. When fired by a son who needs help to free his father, Marco infiltrates the detention center, believing that it is the best place to stop deportations. However, when he tries a bold “escape from prison”, things don't happen as planned.

Gathering documentary images, with statements and data of what happened, with reenactments of the events inside the detention center, the plot narrates the events in an interesting and informative way, using the recordings to confirm the veracity of the facts and the dramatization in a fluid way, avoiding production is tiring.

The Infiltrators
The Infiltrators

Also serving as an exposure of a very complicated situation in the country, the film is intimate and exciting, making its point very clear and showing a situation that may not be so touching for the Brazilian audience, but will certainly reach a large part of the immigrants who should already have legalized in several countries.

The fact that most exposes this “North American” problem is that it is something universal, as it shows how much nations close their eyes to their internal problems, which end up forcing many families to subject themselves to these humiliating and risky situations of death.

In addition, it shows that countries also prefer to ignore these events, relegating a global social problem to a null discussion, mainly by the press.

The Infiltrators is a documentary film that leads you to rethink the situation of immigrants at a time when many are forced to flee due to internal wars and also the concept of citizens.

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The Infiltrators is a documentary film that takes you to rethink the situation of immigrants in a time that many are forced to flee due to internal wars.


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