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Review | The Politician - Season 1


The Politician is the type of series that will surely divide opinions from the general public. This because it contains the DNA Ryan Murphy and also, for being a completely complicated series, despite having a very simple synopsis, by the way - that is, following the molds Netflix.

The plot, which was created, produced, scripted and directed by Murphy, revolves around Peyton Hobart (Ben Platt), a high school teenager who has an ardent desire to be president of the United States. He thinks about politics 24 hours a day, acts like a politician, reads about it and even considers the possibility of joining the student body of Harvard University, one of the best known and respected higher education institutions in the world - for the simple fact that Harvard formed the largest number of presidents in the country.

Adopted son of a millionaire family, his mother, Georgina Hobart (Gwyneth Paltrow), maintains a predilection for Peyton, even more than for their biological children (twins). She does everything so that the young man has the best that money can buy and for this reason, invests heavily in his education, ranging from private Mandarin classes to the purchase of numerous books, all to feed the intellectual ego of Peyton - that, not to mention the expensive tuition at the school where the son studies.

Only before Harvard and possibly the White House, Peyton you will need to face, perhaps, the greatest of your political challenges: being elected president / student representative of your school. As usual, seen in several other films and series set in schools, the electoral process for these representatives, border on reality, as if they were running for the senate, chamber of deputies or city hall of some city: with the right to research of intention votes, blows / marketing strategies, speeches and actions to defeat the opposing slate.

None of this would be important if Peyton did not have its biggest rival in its path: River (David Corenswet), that to understand the relationship between the two and to see a specific situation happening right at the beginning of the season, it will be necessary to watch the series - and it is better to stop here because it may happen to release spoilers and compromise your experience in watching the series.

By the way, it will be IMPERATIVE, that you watch the dubbed season - unless you are fluent in English, but if this is not your case, watching the series subtitled, may bring complications during the plot that may not make you understand some things and for this, it will be necessary to return a few episodes to continue on the sidelines and here for us, you will not want this to happen.

Composed of eight episodes of 50 minutes, approximately (with the exception of the pilot, which lasts just over 1 hour), it is one of the very few positive points that the season brings - the others are the costumes and the photo. The plot is empty, confusing, tedious and dull. Neither appearances by Paltrow they are reliefs for a sequence of scenes of extensive dialogues, dramalões and precarious performances. It is as if the cast were inexperienced and put him on the scene to speak the text in a strange way.

Comparisons with other works by Murphy will be inevitable and Gleepossibly it will be the main one. This because The Politician it takes place in a school and turns and moves, some musical numbers are presented to the viewer. Peyton remember, or rather, is the genuine copy of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), however, with differences: while Rachel longed for the stages of Broadway and he had his inspiration in countless musical divas, Peyton is the same way, only with politicians - there are those who don't like Rachel, in Glee, and believes that she is a dull, forced character and that other characters like Santana (Naya Rivera) or Mercedes (Amber Riley), have more charisma and talent than the protagonist.

With some successful works, Murphy accumulates others not so successful, as Scream Queens, for example. The Politician is very similar to the series starring Emma Roberts and with the participation of Ariana Grande and despite good names cast for the project, it may not get renewed for other seasons. You may like the series for several other reasons not shown in this text, or you may not like it for so many others. Despite being a well-structured bet, with an interesting plot, the representation of the whole work failed and did not please.

The Politician has debut scheduled to September 27 in the catalog Netflix.



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