Peter Sullivan and Stan Lee work in partnership on The Sandman, a horror that opens October 14 at SYFY. With production by Stan Lee and screenplay and direction signed by Peter Sullivan, the production is certainly attractive.

Sandman is a legend of European folklore. Legend says that he is responsible for bringing sleep and helping those who can not sleep by putting sand in their eyes. There’s something creepy about someone coming into your room at night and it was that essence that drove Peter Sullivan to focus on that particular character, he confided in an exclusive interview.

The plot features Madison (Shae Smolik), an 8-year-old girl who has a strange gift, when she is angry ends up invoking the monster Sandman and causing deaths wherever he goes. When she accidentally causes the death of her father, she ends up going to live with her aunt Claire (Haylie Duff), who quickly discovers that the girl can put everyone around her in danger.

The Sandman
The Sandman | Photo: Syfy

Peter Sullivan delivers an interesting film, where the script invests more in metaphors and teachings, than in the terror itself. The production uses interesting and shocking scenes, with blood and violence, but it leaves aside the famous jump scares, the true focus is the relation of Madison with its family and its powers.

Madison ends up transforming a simple character from children’s legends into something horrendous, because she has some powers, and that’s the best part of the film. With this, Sullivan explores the power of fear in the human being. The fear, even a innocent one, can become a true monster. The innocence of an eight-year-old helps reinforce that point, Madison is a slave to her fears and her powers.

The Sandman
The Sandman | Photo: Syfy

The only hope in such a situation is the brotherly affection, first of the father and now of the aunt of Madison, that functions as another metaphor for the plot, showing that with support and self-control, we can overcome our greatest fears. The great performance of the little Shae Smolik and Haylie Duff help to make this argument clear to the public, the harmony between the actresses is wonderful and can win the sympathy of the viewer.

The Sandman passes a beautiful message, in a different atmosphere full of terror. Sullivan manages to get his message through, making it a remarkable production and great entertainment.



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