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Review | The Wretched

Making a discreet debut, being released directly to digital platforms, The Wretched is a horror film that had its share of participation in festivals and will certainly captivate the viewer for its simple and well-developed plot.

Every film of this kind follows the same recipe. A character who arrives at a house, shows the whole peaceful environment, so that in an instant something happens. The Wretched more or less follows this recipe, but unlike current horror films, he drinks more from traditional features.

In no hurry to throw all the suspense right from the start, the story permeates and envelops in such a way that it is possible to forget the theme of the feature and that at any moment will try to terrify you. Focused on Ben (John- Paul Howard), the plot features a young man who is going on vacation with his father, who recently divorced his mother, until strange events involving the neighbor's children capture his attention and disturb his peace.

Up to this point, it is a story like any other that is already expected of what will come. But again, The Wretched reinvents itself by not explaining what will happen throughout the plot. Like the main character, the viewer remains in the dark without knowing what he will deal with. There is no comparison with other features to know what to expect. In this way, the film follows a simple narrative where criticisms of past mistakes and abuses are well portrayed by a character who may not terrify in visually striking ways, but knows how to deal with the minds of other characters, manipulating them in ways that believe in the that she wants and likewise forget even the closest and most loved people.

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The Wretched / IFC Midnight

The script knows how to be detailed in the right way and, escaping the mistakes of the current horror features, does not leave loose ends. Even dealing with supernatural issues, events do not seem forced and at no time is it possible to believe that realistically, the characters would make another decision. The way in which everyday life seems to be unaffected by each new incident portrayed seems totally justified.

The Wretched is undoubtedly one of the best horror films, simply because it is noticeable that the script and direction of the brothers Pierce, did not suffer from the famous "suggestions" of major producers in their history, where the mental factor gives way to loud songs that "sing" what will happen and cliché scenes that even childish animations have tired of imitating.

Thunder Wave note
With a very tight script, The Wretched stands out in quality among horror films.


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