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Review: The Wrong Todd

Sometimes the secret to success lies in simplicity. This is the case of The Wrong Todd, which instead of investing in a great science fiction full of impressive elements, presents a simple plot, focused on a small nucleus, which becomes successful.

Everything revolves around Todd (Jesse Rosen), a somewhat mediocre boyfriend who is reluctant to move with his girlfriend Lucy (Anna Rizzo), who has just received a promising promotion in his work, however in Seattle. While the two are in this fight, Todd from a parallel universe decides to take his place. With the exchange, we realized that Lucy from this other Universe is dead and, together with Todd, we started to look at everything from a new perspective, where a simple change doesn't seem so serious compared to losing your girlfriend for good.

Directed and scripted by Rob Schulbaum, The Wrong Todd was a great success in LA Film Fest, and it is not for less. Through this plot, already much explored in other works, Schulbaum manages to use these elements effectively, transforming something that would have everything to be flawed and somewhat cliché, in a good humorous reflection on changes, adaptations and relationships.

Crítica: The Wrong Todd 1
Lucy and Todd | Image: Wrong Productions

The change of universes is nothing more than a way to show an escape from reality, when the person does not want to face his problems and prefers to find ways to remain attached to something, instead of accepting and moving on. At the same time, it also works as a way of comparing, to show that many times what seems extremely difficult is actually very simple to solve, when compared to big problems that in fact have no solution.

However, it is not just the relationship between Todd and Lucy that is explored. Dave (Sean Carmichael), is a very important character to link these factors. Lucy's brother and Todd's best friend, he addresses equally important issues, such as the fear of losing his friend, which makes him jealous and somewhat unhealthy, and the guilt he transfers to his sister, making the relationship between them very difficult.

Crítica: The Wrong Todd 2In the midst of all these reflections, there are several well-placed comic moments. As the script presents various types of relationships, it is very easy to put characteristic moments between them, which become simple and always accurate jokes.

The Wrong Todd it is a simple production and very well done. In an almost informal way, it manages to address interesting questions, without forcing reflections on the viewer and without trying to become a great science fiction.

Thunder Wave note
The Wrong Todd is a simple and very well done production, which manages to address interesting issues in a very informal way.


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