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Mixture of police drama, murders and crocodiles


In this adaptation of the novel by the Australian author Candice FoxCrimson Lake, if the crocodiles don't scare you, the ghastly conspiracy will get the better of you. Any production that starts with an animal attack deserves your attention, because here the first case that is not even considered a case, but a crocodile suicide is the guiding thread from beginning to end. The series Troppo follows an ex-cop who is falsely accused of a terrible crime and a young woman tormented by a disturbing past.

The plot is divided into 08 episodes of about 58 to 60 minutes and is surprise after surprise. There are three cases that at first seem unrelated, but at a certain point, the stories connect and the outcome is surreal. There are many doubts that have surrounded us since the beginning of the series, for example, who would be so desperate to end their own life in such a horrible and painful way? And what does that have to do with the disappearance of a Korean tech exec, who simply leaves his house without saying a word to anyone one fine night?

Amanda (Nicole Chamoun) and Ted (Thomas Jane) are the protagonists of the series Troppo / Reproduction ABC

In troppo, the protagonist Amanda Pharrell (Nicole Chamoun), is a detective and tattoo artist who took the case of the Korean executive who disappeared without a trace. We realize that she is a young woman who is returned to her hometown in the far north of Queensland from Crimson Lake, after serving a sentence for a murder committed in her teens. With a shaved head and lots of tattoos, she just rides her bike stapling flyers for her one-person detective agency — her.

However, Amanda needs help and finds the support she needs in ex-cop Ted Conkaffey (Thomas Jane). After being falsely accused of sexually abusing a little girl, this burden tarnished his professional reputation and that of his family. Unfortunately, the protagonist had to get away from everyone he loved due to the false accusation and even though he is far from where it all happened, he still suffers from the intimidation of the local police and the distrust of some citizens. Soon, two strangers, united only by their status as outcasts, must unravel the mysteries that surround them.

troppo, is the adaptation of the series Crimson Lake was performed by Yolande Ramke (Cargo, The Haunting of Bly Manor) and it is very interesting to see that the work does not move along cliché paths and actually manages to do well alongside others of the same genre. The emotional dramatic charge is very present because it deals with horrible crimes and not only that, but many traumas, many stories that seem to be something, but in fact reveal themselves to be others. Here, we don't have the usual plots and yes, a pair of dishonorable protagonists, but who have a moral conscience, an insane conspiracy behind the scenes and the traps that can catch them if they are inattentive.

Amanda (Nicole Chamoun) and Ted (Thomas Jane) are the protagonists of the series Troppo / Reproduction ABC

As it is a difficult genre plot, the setting matches the vibe of the work and gives it an interesting weight. The harsh climate combined with the sultry heat of the rainforest captured by the production and the well-made photography really exuding the warmth of the environment are hallmarks of the series. Troppo, seems to be that story of a small country town with an ancient shame” that appears so often in the Australian crime genre, but which reveals itself to be a production that aims to shock the public while making them think, reflect, cheer and get emotional.

The Ted of Jane wants to be forgotten, ignored, left alone, while Amanda de Chamoun wears her solitude as a badge of honor, with a demeanor designed to show strength and draw attention – the respectable citizens of Crimson Lake may reject her, but they will never get rid of her or Ted. It is in Ted and Amanda's wounds that we see the true essence of troppo and from this duo we can only hope for more adventures.

troppo it is not a series with a spectacular plot, but it fulfills its role with excellence in hooking the viewer from beginning to end. The plot is about wounded people and not just dead people. Here, Jane and Chamoun are playing strangers who are isolated in their cocoons, but who complement each other.

Thunder Wave note
critic-troppo-1a-seasonCrime series always divide opinions, as they can be very good or bad. Amazon's new release promises adventure, tension and dramatic charge in eight episodes and makes us want more. By portraying brutal crimes, the plot does not exaggerate by showing blood and strong scenes, we realize that it even has a certain awareness that “less is more”. With an interesting cast and a tangle of subplots that take place in parallel, it's a good choice for those who enjoy this genre.



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