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Criticism | Monica's Gang in The Show

The musical returns to São Paulo in short season

The Monica's Gang is a series of Brazilian comics created by the cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa. Originally in newspaper strips with Franjinha and Bidu as the main characters, it gained prominence and more identity with the current creation of Mônica and Cebolinha, between 1960 and 1963, who became the protagonists. The first publication was in Morning Leaf (current Folha de S.Paulo) in 1959 in the strip version and in 1970 it was published in a magazine and its characters were distributed by publishers April, Globe and currently by Panini Comics. The fact is that Turma da Mônica is still enchanting and still manages to amuse and thrill crowds of fans all over the world.

This is the project that opens 2020 work in São Paulo, during the holiday month. After tours in North America and Japan, the show that has enchanted many generations returns to Brazil. After the great success in 2015, the Mauricio de Sousa LIVE invested heavily and brought us the best in what exists in performance and good script. The show that has already traveled to Miami, Boston, Orlando and Japan is the first and only production that went outside of Brazil. Mauro de Sousa, Mauricio's son, tells us how famous and profitable the Turma da Mônica brand is. Graduated in performing arts and music, the then director, says that this show is part of the brand's internationalization goal in other continents. 

In addition, there are many expansion plans for the brand that today came out of the comics and went to small screens, big screens, hotels and parks. Altogether there are four parks, remembering that the Turma da Mônica Park in São Paulo is five years old. The others are in Olinda, Goiânia and Rio de Janeiro, which are the stations, smaller parks. Soon, in the second half of 2020, another station of Turma da Mônica will be inaugurated in Gramado. With more and more space inside and outside Brazil, it is difficult not to surrender to the charms of this group from the Limoeiro neighborhood.

The musical brings special effects and a lot of interaction through the LED panel. With each song, a choreography and performance show. Each character has their moment to shine and to enchant and make the audience sing along. For 60 minutes it is possible to laugh at the mess of Cascão and Cebolinha, Magali's graciousness, Monica's genious way and the highlight of the entire show was the icon Chico Bento. The hick character besides being a great "host", made the audience vibrate with a very fun version of "thriller" - that famous song in the voice of Michael Jackson-. Between one presentation and another, Mauricio de Sousa, tells the story behind each character.

With various dances, clothes and dancers, Cebolinha, Monica, Cascão, Chico Bento and Magali are coordinated by Franjinha who organizes everything behind the scenes. The sound and image team play a fundamental role, as the characters have life on the stage, while they are entertaining us, they have a very intrinsic and profound presence and interaction between them which makes the musical well performed and keep the audience focused on the show, getting emotional and having fun.

Tuning and choreography are attributes that were very well aligned. Under the direction of Mauro de Sousa and supervised by Mauricio de Sousa, the show features the songs of the crowd from the Limoeiro neighborhood, which promise fun, playful moments and even interaction with the audience. The songs created by maestro Gao Gurgel in partnership with Márcio de Sousa and Mauricio, refer to the characteristics of each character and that is why each melody is intense and we can feel what the composers felt when they created the theme songs of each figure in the Limoeiro group . The show highlights messages of love, friendship and respect with a little humor and mess.

Over the past three years, the musical has been seen by many people and is available at Teatro Santander until February 9th. It is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Remembering that it is short season. Tickets cost between R$ 75 (whole) at Frisa Balcão and R$ 120 (whole) at the VIP audience. Attention! Children up to 24 months do not pay, but must be held by their parents or guardians. It is worth mentioning that at FIESP, the exhibition “Olá, Mauricio!” is on display until February 16, with the characters that are part of Brazilian culture and contribute to society in stories with important themes, such as accessibility and sustainability, in addition to providing fun and entertainment. In fact, did you know that Mauricio created almost 500 different characters ?! Enjoy this experience and become a child again.

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Pure nostalgia. It's almost like we're kids again.


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