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The Maurício de Sousa Produções completes its 60 years of success. Since its birth, its creator has provided us with more than 400 characters and so many stories that we hardly know the numbers.

These are characters and adventures that are remembered not only by children, but by generations. And as well said by the actress Laura Rauseo, who gave life to Magali in the film, her great-grandmother is a fan, as well as her little cousin who watches the cartoons.

And with so many releases that ranged from comic strips, to TV cartoons and even movies, Maurício now presents fans with a film with actors in the flesh.

The feature is an adaptation of the 2015 Graphic Novel Ties, made by the brothers Vitor and Lu Cafaggi. Just like in the comics, the “tulminha” will have to unravel the disappearance of Floquinho, Cebolinha's puppy.

Bonds is more than a movie. It borders on nostalgia for the elderly and brings a sense of adventure to children. It is no coincidence that it received 98% of approval among children and 90% among adults.

The director Daniel Rezende together with the screenwriter Thiago Dottori they gave more than life to such unique characters. They broke through the barrier and practically delivered Mauricio's universe into the real world.

The Limoeiro, the houses and the small details like the sofa in the house are the simple and clean features of Maurício de Sousa. Cebolinha's antics with Cascão and even the gang from the street above are there. The care was so much with the adaptation and respect for the characters, that no one will notice any difference.

The sets were worked on in cities like Poços de Caldas, Holombra and Mairiporã, but they seem to have been made in the studio, they are so good.

The children who give life to Monica's Gang pass all the emotion that is in Graphic and beyond. Because the script had the freedom to modify some situations, which became more emotional and bring tears to anyone, as well as adding some characters to the plot.

And all this added to photography, it's a unique spectacle.

Monica's Gang: Ties it's an exciting movie. He is sweet, sweet and innocent. It respects the essence of the characters and will certainly bring the good old moral of the stories that are in the adventures of the entire universe of Maurício de Sousa, be it about friendship or respect for nature. But without a doubt, the one that stands out the most is about the love we have for each other and in accepting who we are, be it the boy who doesn't shower, speaks wrongly, the one who eats so much and never gets fat, even the leader of the little group who she fights not just for her friends, but for 50 years, being a strong girl in every way.



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