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Criticism | One Love, Thousand Weddings

Getting married ... a very important decision that must be well thought out

New feature film Netflix, One Love, Thousand Weddings is a romantic comedy that features Jack (Sam Claflin), who needs to help her sister have an impeccable ceremony. But, everything can go wrong when a boy, in love with her enters the party and intends to tell everyone that he is the best choice for her to marry and Jack will have to juggle to save his sister's party.

The plan is as follows: dope the boy and keep him away from the party. Very simple, but the plot presents several versions of everything that could go wrong in this plan and that from the beginning is already bad. The film plays with the question of chance and luck. We have no control over the consequences of our actions, many times what we plan works and often goes wrong and that is not to say that we did not try, perhaps, it was not supposed to happen. One Love, Thousand Weddings it shows several versions of the same situation, changing one detail or another, reinforcing that chance and luck are present and that they can work or not.

The plot resembles the film War brides, with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathawaybecause it uses the technique of stopping the scenes together with the narration and this method is repeated in several scenes, in addition to some flashbacks. In a way it is a funny movie and Sam Claflin, known as the heartthrob of How I Was Before You, who usually plays characters more "sweet" in his career, gives us a funny character and surprises by his good interpretation. 

In these alternate versions of the same day Jack walks towards his own happy ending, he must avoid compromising situations (including a particularly comical moment with a male partner in a private bathroom), an ex-girlfriend furious with him, the ex's boyfriend wanting to fight with him, an inconvenient friend and a romance almost impossible to happen. 

Overall, the cast has a very nice interaction and that complement each other. The soundtrack gives a more fun and unusual tone to the film and the script is very closed, although it has some details that could make a tone less repetitive and more original. But, even so it surprises and does not turn into a mushy or cliché work.

Thunder Wave note
With moments full of grace, the film manages to entertain and amuse.


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