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Review | An Inseparable Couple

Long with good jokes, interesting supporting roles and nostalgic moments give a special touch to this romantic comedy


If you're tired of seeing 'sugar water' novels, this Thursday, 09, the romantic comedy debuts An Inseparable Couple, which has Nathalia Dill and Marcos Veras and it's guaranteed fun. The production features two completely different people who despite the problems, are destined to be together. The work has the direction and script of Sergio Goldenberg and takes place in Rio de Janeiro. The film is light, fun and shows us that for a relationship to work it needs trust on both sides and not always just “love” solves everything. 

Even though it is not one of the most popular genres of Brazilian films, the film is a good choice for any time, as it addresses the obstacles that many couples go through and this is done in a fun way and the premise manages to get a good laugh from the viewer. The work bets on a strong cast, with a simple narrative and a well-made production. The quality of the feature is very good and the story is brilliant – how could the union between a self-confident volleyball player and a charismatic pediatrician work in the same film? The basis of the feature is this, the bet on the different. After the end of the film, we are a little more certain that it doesn't take a lot of effort for love stories to work out and that there are many couples who really were made to be together, no matter what. Another smart idea was to enjoy the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, which was not lacking in any scene. The architecture there is beautiful. 

Nathalia Dill and Marcos Veras are Manuela and Léo / Reproduction

The film has an intelligent structure, has no scenes or silly lines and manages to unfold in an hour and forty minutes in a coherent and cohesive way. The choice of setting was good and the cast couldn't be better. Nathalia Dill, plays the character Manuela. The woman with a strong personality is a professional volleyball teacher and player who, at the beginning of the film, shows herself as a tough, difficult and short tempered person who fights with anyone and everything. This is Manuela. Léo, in the role of Marcos Veras, is that good guy. Good looking, charismatic, friendly, kind, a successful pediatrician and an all-hours friend. The characters of Nathalia Dill and Marcos Vera know each other due to an embarrassing situation for the doctor and after some complicated situations the movie takes a leap to a moment when they are living together.

An interesting point is that even after a year, things between Léo and Manuela seem to be settling down and we feel that with the time jump, the first half of the film passes quickly and along with that, the protagonist gets another good job and because of a misunderstanding they end, but with one trip they get right and happily ever after. And there is no way not to cheer for their happiness. The chemistry between the actors playing the protagonists is surreal and it feels like the roles were made EXACTLY for them. Between one fight and another, we have the feeling that Nathalia Dill and Marcos Veras manage to move us in the best possible way with their complicated and true romance. The soundtrack is another very well chosen point. It fits the movie from beginning to end.

Stepan Nercessian and Totia Meireles give life to Isaías and Esther / Reproduction

Although the protagonists try to be with other people, we know that it is part of destiny for the two to be together and be happy and from the work we understand that as with everything in life, love is no different, if it is to be, it will be . The secondary characters are interesting and complement the protagonists' story well, giving a special “up” to the plot. The protagonist's parents are a case in point. Appointed to be Manuela's parents in An Inseparable Couple, we have two amazing actors: Totia Meireles and Stepan Nercessian give life to Esther and Isaiah. Although they are not the focus of the story, they are super helpful for the couple in the moments they most needed. You can't help but love these fictional parents and they work really well together, have a super cool interaction and the acting works well on screen.

Amidst so many problems that are happening in the world and in Brazil, watching a calm, funny and light comedy is good nowadays. You will have your heart warmed with the duo of protagonists and with the other characters that give a special touch to the plot. An Inseparable Couple will be available from September 9th in movie theaters across Brazil and will be produced by Telecine, which practically confirms the film's arrival on streaming some time after the premiere.



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