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Criticism | A Present Past

New romantic Christmas comedy

Christmas is coming and along with it comes the Christmas atmosphere that invades the film industry, providing us with good films and series set at Christmas. This is the new proposal of Netflix with his newest film with original production: A Present Past. 

The film tells the story of the knight Sir Cole (Josh whitehouse) who lived in England during the 14th century, until she met a witch in the forest who would give him a mission where he would need to teleport to 2019. Cole's challenge is to complete his mission by Christmas night, if he can, he can return home . Upon arriving in Ohio (where he was teleported) he faces several challenges, not least because the world has changed, Sir sees a society with a culture totally different from his and a huge advance in technology. Dealing with new challenges and looking for a way to return to the past, the knight meets Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens), a science teacher who doesn't believe in love. 

Like many Christmas romantic comedies, the feature hits the cliché and becomes totally predictable from start to finish. The romance story that is built by the two protagonists throughout the film is not very exciting, and at no time does it bring us what only a good romance film can provide: emotion.

Um Passado de Presente | Imagem: Netflix
A Past of Present | Image: Netflix

The script has some holes and also fails to enrich any of the characters with their stories, everything is shown in a superficial way and without much explanation, except in rare moments. In addition, interpretations of Vanessa Huggens and Josh Whitehouse they are not one of those worthy of an 'Oscar', but the two naturally manage to bring lightly what their characters asked for - the big problem really lies in the script. 

Despite negative sides, the film also has positives. Your photograph is amazing and you really identify with Ohio's freezing Christmas. Even with a slow history, the film manages to arrest you and make you cheer for the couple of protagonists. Although cliché, A Present Past is a romantic Christmas comedy that is worth watching on a day when you want to see a light and easy to understand story, by the way, it is a good movie for kids. 

The production of Monika Mitchell is now available in the Netflix catalog lasting 1h32.

Thunder Wave note
Despite being a cliché and totally predictable film, it is worth watching to cheer on the protagonist couple and teleport for the cold Ohio Christmas


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