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Debuting with national features, the Paramount + launch the comedy will give nothing, first streaming investment shot in Brazil.

The fun script Guel Arraes and Jorge Furtado presents a light weave, but very well tied, focused on Kelson (Cauê Campos), a young car thief who in one of his jobs uses his motorcycle to escape the police and ends up causing the arrest of the dangerous criminal Brasilite (Heinz Limaverde). Unaware of the seriousness of his actions, Kelson goes on with his normal life in search of a more powerful motorcycle to continue his “works” and to conquer. neide (Fernanda Teixeira).

He ends up finding a good scheme when buying a new motorcycle from Fernando (Rafael Infante), a scammer married to suzi (Katiuscia Canoro). It turns out that she is a police officer who participates in his schemes and got the motorcycle seized from Brasilite. When he breaks out of prison and wants his bike back, the couple must turn to evade both the police and the thief.

Rafael Infante in Vai Dar Nada / Image: Paramount+

Revolving around robberies and motorcycles, the story starts simple and fun, growing gradually as the cores unite as the events unfold. The great writing by Gael and Furtado, who also assumes the direction, puts all the characters in a well thought-out web that grows the risks and rewards, always in a humorous way.

Fernando is in love with Rebeca (Jessica Barbosa), Kelson's sister, and when things go wrong with Suzi, he uses his lip service to try to win the girl over. In turn, Rebeca works with the lawyer Marcia (Kizi Vaz), who is in love with her and forced to take on the legal hoops of a possible relationship between the two, while trying to help Kelso escape, who now also uses Suzi's help.

It is this cross plot that makes the film engaging during its two hours, impressing with the quality of the dialogue work, always well tuned and funny, while leaving no loose ends, everything that is exposed is resolved in the smallest details.

Cauê Campos in Vai Dar Nada / Image: Fabio Rebelo

Even with the quality being the big point, the highlight of the production is the representation. Jorge and Gael started from the idea of deconstructing the Brazilian subgenre Favela Movie, turning it into a comedy and breaking the representation that the periphery is always crime and violence. Therefore, the plot becomes without a villain, with the exception of Brasilite, with the daily difficult assuming this role. It's a story where all the characters are liable to support even if they are doing something illegal, but that is justified by the difficulty of their lives.

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In addition, the feature goes beyond the issue of leaving the Rio-São Paulo axis, it dares and takes place in an indecipherable city, where each character maintains their accent and their customs, transforming the work into a great representation of Brazil.

Executive produced by Maria Angela de Jesus and Teresa Gonzalez of VIS (paramount studio division), in partnership with Nora Goulart gives Porto Alegre Film House, will give nothing is a successful bet by Paramount+ and audacious for releasing a feature that criticizes the system, while using black protagonism and a great representation in its humor. It is a great debut for the company among Brazilian films.

Will Give Nothing debut May 18, exclusively on Paramount+.



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