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Review | Black Widow, an intelligent film that keeps the adventure

Black Widow is one of Marvel's best films and a true tribute to spy/adventure feature films.


After the wave of “masculine” films from Marvel and full of fights, jokes explosions, it's time to adapt a character who has always been present alongside the Avengers and without anyone noticing, is more than a heroine to complete the cast.

Black Widow arrives on movie screens and stops Premiere Access at the Disney + keeping the standard Disney Marvel, but now with a language more focused on espionage and keeping Natasha's intelligence (Scarlett Johansson).

The film is among Marvel's films, but before the events of Ultimatum, as she died during the last MCU movie. His death is not remembered as much as that of Tony Stark, and it's a shame, since it was thanks to your sacrifice that the Iron Man can do your last scene.

Natasha's death should have had a greater impact among viewers, as the only person present at that time was the Archer hawk, while Tony was surrounded by so many people. She died far from home, without anyone being able to cry for her. It's a shame the scripts failed to exploit this.

The Black Widow's cast is more than integral and fundamental to the development of the story and not just mere supporting actors as happens in Marvel's adventures.

Going back to the Russian spy, Black Widow it doesn't take much to bring the entire espionage structure to life, and in many parts it doesn't even resemble a Marvel adaptation. With a style that spy/adventure fans are used to, the beginning is good old style James Bond of chase, missing only the theme song to indicate that the movie hasn't even started.

The fight scenes let Jason Bourne in flip flops, with excellent choreography in indoor fights using what they can catch. It's all more frantic and without the nervous cameras that get in the way. Furthermore, car chases through the streets of Budapest are above average compared to those in Mission Impossible.

The chase scenes are well done and full of adrenaline.

I could see that in a positive way, Black Widow dives into the universe of espionage with its action scenes but also pays homage to some books of the genre such as The Red Spy which gained a theatrical version with Judi Dentch. By the way, the novel is based on a true story.

With all these aspects, the script is not lost and still manages to maintain the basis of the character from the comics, who also became famous in the cinemas. Black Widow delves into Natasha's past when she was a teenager in the US living with her spy parents. Again for those who watched The Americans, you will notice the similarity. Not because the movie seems to copy, but because Natasha is much more based on a real world, with people who lived in the Cold War, than the Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man himself, who are more quaint and fit only as characters in this type of adventure.

The film pays homage to Natasha's fighting position in a humorous and critical way.

The film continues years later with Natasha having to deal with a ghost from her past alongside her "sister", where she is less cold than she was at the beginning of the adventures of the Avengers. She's already a focused character without having to get lost in having to explain how they became Black Widow. This is very productive and by keeping the character's intelligence, without having to get into conflicts about her profession as a spy and Avenger, the film only grows and delivers to the fans one of the best Marvel movies.

This should be the trend: exploring the true potential of Marvel characters who are intelligent, without having to resort to muscular bodies, conflicts that look more like children's fights in wanting to know who is the strongest or who is right.

Black Widow proves that the other heroes - and even villains - have been poorly explored so far. Tony Stark, one of the greatest geniuses would have a lot to bring up with discussions of the potential of technology, of how something as simple as psychological aid software can and will be used by the military etc. This was even shown in the first movie, but it gets lost in the midst of so many explosions.

the same for Bucky who didn't even have time to introduce who he is and have a real adventure with Natasha.

These are the reasons that show how much Marvel's female characters should be better explored and show more worthy adventures that comic book fans deserve. And also those who don't know or have never read anything. It may not be the best movie of all time, but it is without a doubt deserving of being on the side of the best in espionage/adventure.

reasons to watch

  • By criticizing the millions of children who are kidnapped daily and no one knows who they are;
  • Criticizes the way in which women are treated as mere pieces and totally disposable;
  • Marvel finally manages to show that intelligence is the best form there is, instead of super powers or the need for "toys".



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