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Criticism | You- Season 2

You it was a debut that pleased in its first season. For its theme focused on a stalker who falls in love with the poor Beck, it was expected that the series lasted only one season, since it delivers a very closed plot. But, with the author of original novel, Caroline Kepnes, with one more book in the saga written - and two more confirmed to be released -, Netflix had already secured a second season of production even before its debut, promising to continue the story of Joe, regardless of the success of the season.

After Joe's murders (Penn Badgley) in the first season, the viewer learned a lot about his twisted mind and how obsession drove the protagonist to unthinkable acts. However, even though he came out unscathed from his crimes, the character had already committed something similar before and that past, which is not really dead, returns to threaten him.

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At the risk of being exposed by his ex-girlfriend Candance (Ambyr Childers), Joe is forced to move from New York and change his identity, Will Bettelheim, living in Los Angeles. It is there that the protagonist finds his new obsession, Love (Victoria Pedretti), from those who try to stay away so as not to repeat the error.

Unsuccessful in trying to focus only on exposure risk, Joe gets involved with Love and puts everything at risk by helping too Ellie (Jenna Ortega), a girl of only fifteen who he quickly makes a connection with and tries to save from the dangers that a woman at that age can suffer in a city where fun is practically law.

Crítica | Você- 2ª Temporada 1
Joe and Ellie in You | Image: Netflix

Presenting new questions, some even very relevant, such as those involving minors who were created exclusively for the production plot, the second season of You explores other perspectives of the human psyche, without losing focus on the protagonist's obsessions. Just like the work on which it was based, the new year presents Joe's past, which was abandoned and neglected by his mother, explaining his problems with women.

The new plot manages to delve deeper into the character's mind, which is haunted by his past both in illusions and in very real moments and does a satisfying job in trying to reproduce the way the author evolves Joe's intentions in his book. However, this is lost in the moment when strong scenes try to transform the character that should be a great psychological analysis in a serial killer, eventually settling for repeating the previous storyline, just adding new characters to spread the main focus a little.

Crítica | Você- 2ª Temporada 2
You Season 2 | Image: Netflix

The pace only returns near the end of the season, where the twists start and a new and interesting path is presented. The changes in this aforementioned plot leave the plot intriguing and for a few moments seem to leave a promising hook for a new year, but this is completely lost at the end of the episode, when they deliver that they only intend to repeat (again) the character's attitudes.

Between ups and downs, the second season of You it manages to please, especially those who have not read the original work and do not have a degree of comparison with the great service done in relation to the psychological analysis of the characters on the part of the author - or the true example of a hook twist that is presented at the end. With great performances, which lead the viewer to feel like the characters, the series manages to deliver moments of reflection that elevate the plot and transform it into something that goes far beyond relationships and murders.

Thunder Wave note
The new season repeats the plot in many moments, but recovers by showing promising twists.

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