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Review | You - Season 3


After two years of waiting, fans of You can finally watch season 3 of the original series Netflix. During the previous two seasons, Joe (Penn Badgley) took his obsessions to the limit until he met Love (Victoria Pedretti) and discover through it that you can find people like him.

Season 3 continues the shocking final events of the series' second year, featuring Joe and Love starting their family with the birth of their son. Set in the new life they are trying to establish in a condominium in the fictional town of Madre Linda, California, the new plot uses these elements to make fresh critiques of the city's wealthy conservative way of life, while introducing Love and your jealousy.

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While the end of season 2 of You indicated that the story would be about Joe having a new obsession, the neighbor Natalie (Michaela McManus), right in the first episode of the new cycle it is revealed that the character will be much more than that, at first leading Joe and his obsession to question the possibility of a betrayal, but then turning the events to Love, who fears losing her husband and becomes deadly again.

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Also showing the difficulties in maintaining a good marriage and raising a child, the script presents Love as a mirror of Joe and the decision to share the role is very right. The new arguments and critique work very well, giving a new twist to the plot that was already getting dangerously close to tiring.

Famous for presenting situations that Joe can't avoid, You puts both characters in moments of no return now, justifying, as far as possible, some attitudes that go against Joe's desire to overcome this character defect he has. It is these situations that at the same time raise and lower the quality of the production, as the excess effort in justifying the unjustifiable demonstrates a dangerous repetition of events and several reservations about the future of the series.

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You puts on an interesting role reversal in its 3rd season, but loses that rhythm in the end. By presenting events that regress the protagonist to the beginning of the plot, he leaves doubts if he has the breath to keep an already guaranteed fourth interesting season, even if he still has the books as a base.



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