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Criticism | You can't imagine

The newest novel available in the Netflix, You can't imagine, tells the story of the shy Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), who lost his mother very early. To help around the house, she has the habit of doing activities for her colleagues for money and thus contributes to the bills, since her father seems to be inert.

However, everything changes when an athlete called Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer), approaches the girl to ask for help. Something unusual, intimate and romantic. The kind football player needs to write a love letter to a popular high school student, Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire), who by the way already has a boyfriend.

So far so good. A guy asks for help in writing a letter to a girl. Initially, Ellie doesn't accept it because it is very personal, but Paul is insistent and she ends up helping him. From there, a real friendship between Paul and Ellie begins. Meanwhile, Aster exchanges letters and begins to enjoy talking to Paul in this way. However, she does not know the real person behind the letters.

Impulsively, Paul and Aster end up going out to dinner and the personal conversation does not flow as it was meant to be. And Ellie, who is outside, monitoring the lovebirds, decides to act. After these emotions, Ellie begins to help Paul understand more about Aster's universe and the two study the girl so that at the next dinner things will be different. Despite this, Ellie hides that she has a secret crush on Aster.

Ellie, she is smart, she plays and sings, but she is seen as the weird, the invisible of the gang. The girl lives with her father in a small town, Squahamish and sees the possibility of college further and further away, as the father seems to have stopped in time due to the death of his wife and the need to speak English very well made him miss some opportunities for not being able to adapt to the language. Paul also deals with his problems. He belongs to a large family and does not feel heard by those who should and finds in Ellie and her father some support.

Aster and Ellie go out to relax and a turnaround takes place. At another point in the film, Paul tries to kiss Ellie, while Aster sees the whole situation and feels betrayed by both, but at that moment Paul realizes that the Chinese likes Aster too and he due to the heat of the moment and the concepts taught to him since he was a child. , does not accept Ellie's homosexuality very well and turns away from her. Because it is a small town, it maintains conservative behaviors that do not accept people like Ellie, a young woman who does not understand her own intimate well, but knows that she is interested in girls.

You can't imagine it's not about staying with someone or not. It's about finding out who you really are. About getting to know each other better. With a well-written script, a well-developed plot, with unexpected events, captivating actors and characters, Netflix knows how to deliver a good production. Written and directed by Alice Wu, the feature shows that from the respect that we are able to be more tolerant and better people and most importantly, before understanding the other, we need to understand ourselves, our needs, love, desires, wants, in short, our hearts.

Thunder Wave note
It is a challenge to approach homosexual love and not fall into clichés and because it is portrayed in a natural way and this film achieves this feat.


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