X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits the cinemas as the First directing job of Simon Kinberg, who already worked as a film producer for the X-Men franchise, and the same cast of X-Men: First Class. The great highlight goes to the protagonist Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner, known for her work as Sansa Stark in the Game of Thrones series.

The story has a good development, but presents flaws, with plain motivations and decisions that does not explain the attitudes of some characters. For those who only accompany the movies and do not have previous knowledge from the comics, the story gets a bit confusing, which does not hinder the viewer from enjoying it.

The movie addresses not only the plot of the Dark Phoenix and the internal struggles of Jean Grey, but also focuses on a whole problematization of the mutants universe and its leader, Professor Xavier, criticizing even the fact that the group’s name being a reference to his name. The movie also brings a touch of the growing feminism into the same genre films, whether for the female casting or for its relevancy in the plot unfolding.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix | Image: Fox Films

With almost 2 hours, Dark Phoenix has great action scenes and a sequence that does not let it become boring to watch, engaging from the beginning to the end. Jennifer Lawrence steals the scene as Raven, being as important as Jean Grey for the development of the story, as well as the Professor interpreted by James McAvoy.

Finishing a saga begun 19 years ago, and after the Fox purchase by Disney, X-Men: Dark Phoenix ends the series leaving tips for a new beginning in the MCU. A good ending to a franchise that has faced many ups and downs all these years, and also a promise to what will come from now on.


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