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Simple care helps extend notebook life

An expert from Positivo Tecnologia gives tips on how to clean, load and transport.

More and more Brazilians have surrendered to the practicality of notebooks, especially high-performance ones. No wonder. Because of the pandemic and doing practically everything digitally, the practicality and mobility offered by notebooks with high firepower keep winning users' preference. With long hours of work, study or leisure, even the most powerful models need care to have a long life and in an excellent state of conservation.

"Small attitudes, such as not putting weight, applying pressure or using the notebook on a table or any other firm surface, are some habits that, when adopted, prevent wear and tear or overheating", comments Cinthya Belt, product manager at Positive Technology, which manufactures and markets the products of VAIO in Brazil.

When cleaning keyboard and screen, there is also no secret or need for a special product. On the contrary, according to Cinthya, solvents and cleaning products can damage the notebook surface. She remembers that the keyboard of the VAIO FE14 it has a special protective membrane that prevents the liquid spilled on the keyboard from reaching the electronic parts for operating the keys, but this is an exception. So, for notebooks, in general, the recommendation is to use only a cloth slightly dampened with water and clean the keys with the notebook turned off and not connected to the electricity network. The executive also warns not to use glass cleaners and other liquids on the screen, nor rough fabrics, paper and towels that can stain and scratch the screen. As for the inputs (USB, HDMI, SSD) they can be cleaned with the help of a brush with soft bristles, without applying force, and always with the notebook turned off and off the power grid.

Periodically it is also recommended to remove cookies, images and cached files. “Some of this data helps load pages that the user frequently accesses faster, but cleaning fixes certain errors, such as loading or formatting issues on websites, and can free up memory,” explains Cinthya.

To prolong the life of a high-performance notebook, you also need to pay attention to the battery. VAIO notebook batteries are lithium polymer batteries and are non-addictive like those using the old nickel cadmium technology, but they can perform even better and longer. “Doing not expose the notebook to direct sunlight, near heat sources or environments that are too hot, such as closed cars, help. High temperatures are harmful because the battery dissipates more heat than usual during the charging process. Therefore, the notebook must always be carried in an airy place. If it is to be left unused for a long period, it should preferably be stored with the battery charged with approximately 70% of charge”, says Cinthya.

Last but not least, the product manager at Positivo Tecnologia recommends transporting the notebook off or in sleep mode, and in an appropriate case. “Even in hibernation and in a backpack, the computer is still running and is not free from a fall. Mechanical shocks or excessive vibration can damage internal and external components”, he concludes.

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